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I spend a lot of my free time playing League of Legends (multiplayer online battle arena game) with a group of my friends, so naturally I spend a decent amount of time on the game’s website as well. Their setup is actually incredibly interesting and has changed a lot over the past year or so that I’ve been enjoying the game.


In terms of the site’s purpose, it is there to provide players with information about upcoming changes to the game, current events (tournaments, competitions, etc), and to provide a community forum as well for players to participate in with suggestions and requests as well as just general conversation. The recently revamped site actually looks really cool, and you can’t tell from the picture obviously, but the background is actually moving! Jinx looks back and forth across the top of the site and it’s pretty sweet, so is the way that the site portrays their most important stories. Usually sites will have a box that cycles through the top stories, but on the League site it’s the entire background that changes, which I like a lot.

The rest of the site is really just links to other content including videos, articles, and forums – so as far as regular content goes, it’s not that far away from the ordinary. I just think the way the front page uses motion and really makes their top news the center of attention is a pretty solid strategy. Learning how to make a place on a website for top videos/news articles would be a good idea to learn, because I’ve been thinking about making a website for my remediation project and I already have some experience with it from prior Comm classes.

Sarah Rybak

I'm a junior Comm major with special interests in gender, gaming, and new media in terms of how people interact through it with each other.

4 thoughts to “League of Media”

  1. That game looks kinda sweet. It sounds like a multiplayer online game, I’m assuming over the computer? Or is it on a video game system like PS3 or XBox or something? Sounds similar to WOW. And yes the website seems interesting and well designed. I’ve noticed that about video game websites.

    1. Yeah! It’s a moba for PC/Mac. It’s more similar to DotA (Defense of the Ages) – there are two teams and the main goal is to destroy the other team’s base, but there’s a bunch of other little goals too – kills, objectives, etc. 🙂 Yeah, gaming websites tend to be pretty cool.

  2. I like the idea of incorporating a a top videos and news section to your possible website. It might be kind of hard to implement however because of the coding that would most likely be involved to do that. Making top news the main part of your page though would be a great idea and would make it so that your project could evolve and have the focus you want.

  3. Based on most of your blogposts it sounds like you’re quite an internet savant. I think a website would be a perfect idea. It will also be a great chance to show off. I guarantee you that most of your classmates don’t have web design skills like you. And I agree with blake, the idea of top down videos and a news section would be pretty cool. If you can pull that off I would be impressed.

    Go team.

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