Macbeth at the Michigan Theater

This weekend I went to see macbeth live for the first time and this performance with Kenneth Branagh was entirely unique to the many productions of Shakespeare I’ve seen in the past. It was set in the appropriate time period, but what was different about this piece was the fact that it was set “within the walls of an intimate deconsecrated Manchester church.” The audience is seated in the pews on either side of the stage where the players stand on a bed of mud. This gritty, organic feeling does not add, but rather fits perfectly into the natural sense of the text.

It was such an enriching experience to be able to go to an event like this, that are happening all over campus each day. Not to be preachy, but I really hope that more people will attend events like these, especially students. I feel like most of us as students get so wrapped up in our schoolwork and the stress of making it through the days, that there are better ways to blow off steam than getting completely wasted on the weekend. Many people on challenge campuses suffer from alcoholism, but not too many students are addicted to art. Maybe we should choose the healthier alternative; just a thought = )



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