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Before this blog post, I’ve never really thought in depth about my writing strategy.  This might be difficult to believe, but for me it’s true.  I suppose that over the last few years, my writing strategy has become something of habit, but I will attempt to lay out the strategy that I find myself using most often.  What usually happens is a combination of free writing and outlines.  For example, when we received the Repurposing Project, I used my writing strategy which in a way  is similar to the “Shitty First Draft” method.  What I typically do is free write, much like the “Shitty First Draft” method calls for.  The length of this free write varies; sometimes I write for a paragraph, and sometimes for five pages.  Yet I always know when to stop, which is when I identify the direction in which I want my essay to go.  In other words, my free write stops when I have identified the “argument” I want to make.  Once I’ve located my argument, I tend to turn to outline form.  From there, I write an outline that lays out the direction in which the rest of my essay will go.  So, more often than not, my writing strategy will produce an introduction paragraph, my second paragraph, and then outlines for the rest of my essay.  I have found this combination to work very well for me, since it sets the proper tone for my essay while giving me a step-by-step procedure for the rest of my piece.

David Hermanoff

I am a Sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition to the Minor in Writing, I am working towards graduating from the Honors History program. After college I want to earn a JD/MBA. My favorite hobbies are skiing and basketball.

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  1. I have to admit, I really had to think in order to assess my own writing strategy also. It’s not an easy thing to do, you just naturally write how you do! Free writing is always a good idea though, because if at the very least, you’ll gain a couple of good ideas from it! Also I can totally relate to writing a few pages and just bullet pointing from there. That’s actually what I did for my shitty first draft. I wrote six pages and then bullet pointed what I wanted to talk about, but at the time, still wasn’t sure how to coherently fit in.

  2. I can definitely relate. Sometimes the best way to get started is to just free write away and work through things organized. I have used different methods like this too and seen it been really beneficial. Sounds like a good idea to have outlines though, even if it isn’t academic writing because it will help organize any thoughts you have in your head!

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