Remediation Brainstorming

After struggling to find a topic and venue for my repurposing project I never thought I’d be sitting here with the exact opposite problem going in to the remediating project. There are so many different forms of media that seem like good ways to present my topic that now I’m having a hard time deciding on the best one! I’m hoping maybe one of you can help me out.

Here’s a little background…

My repurposing project was a blog post in Consider Magazine regarding the topic of going to college and how we make that choice. I argue that in my community it’s really not a choice at all, it’s become warped into this path that people blindly follow without stopping to think why exactly they are on it. Part of the issue is that as highschoolers it’s really all we are presented with — college pamphlets, college fairs, college advising, etc. Nobody asks us to sit down and critically think through why we want to go to college, instead it just “what comes next”. I believe that one way to change this could be to present students with just as much information on all types of post high school choices including travel programs, volunteering, arts and entertainment, the military, etc. so that they are pushed to critically think about what is the best choice and why. So, for my remediating project that is exactly what I’d like to do — present this information to high school students.

With that being said, I’ve narrowed down the possible media outlets to present the information to two choices

1. Create a fun, colorful pamphlet/booklet similar to books I’ve looked through on study abroad programs (something like this). They often have lots of images, quotes, and short details about the programs. I’d have a page or two for each different post-high school option. I would also make the book online to explore a new form of media (I remember in class we looked at a portfolio where the remediating project was an online magazine with arrows that actually flipped the pages…anyone remember what that was called!?)

2. Create a high school assembly presentation with a powerpoint. The same information would be provided but I would be speaking/presenting rather than putting the information in a pamphlet

So…any thoughts on which one seems like a better fit? Make more of an impact? Or have a different source of media you think could work? Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!


One thought to “Remediation Brainstorming”

  1. I think this is a really interesting topic because you are absolutely right, college after high school is almost the one way path, with all the other potential choices shoved to the fringes. Creating this awareness could change how people develop their professional and personal lives.

    I think the pamphlet idea may be more reachable for a greater audience? Having a presentation would require you to present to your audience in order for them to receive your message whereas a pamphlet can be distributed anywhere without you having to be physically present the entire time.
    But I do think both ideas are really good, I guess it depends on what you really want to convey in this project.
    Do you want to have a universal message aimed at potentially any high school student? Or do you want to have more creative input and response, with the ability to influence people directly and one on one?

    Either way, I think this is a great idea and I can’t wait to hear more about it!

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