I’m pretty excited to try this Remediation project, especially since Emily and I will be working together. The two of us have different skills, but combined, we can really create something interesting. The theme of our project is going to be on looking at life in new ways, stopping to take time and see what’s around us, and finding what’s inspirational for each person. There is such a plethora of opinions and perspectives available to us on a daily basis, and unlocking this potential is what our project will be centered around.

Our audience will be people our age and our subjects will be people that you could encounter any day on the street, and maybe not spare them a second glance. This will be about really looking at our environment, uncovering all the learning opportunities that are available in each person that we have the potential to meet, and harnessing it in a form that can be shared with other people.

At this stage in our lives, we are achieving milestones and making decisions like none we’ve made before. It could be called a quarter life crisis. Seeing what other people have done, hearing their recommendations from their own experiences, and applying that and introspectively looking at ourselves, could offer the insight that we need to redefine ourselves and help us make these decisions.

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