Repurposing Progress

This re-purposing project is taking a lot more my time and mental energy than I thought it would, not that that’s a bad thing. I’m working on converting my ethnographic essay from ANTHRCUL101 on the role of gender in our food volume/choices into a series of articles on food psychology. I’m definitely doing a lot more research for this project than I did for my anthro paper (which was mostly just making and analyzing observations) and I’m learning a lot of interesting things about the social and environmental factors that implicitly influence how much we eat (focusing on what makes us overeat). I’ve decided to divide the topic of food psychology into 3 articles: the first on the size of dinnerware/silverware; the second on atmosphere (lighting, music, odor, company, etc.); and the last on tips to avoid overeating.

I really like how the body of the articles are turning out so far. The pieces aren’t too formal (which is a nice change because the anthro paper was), but they’re informative (I hope). However, I’m having a lot of trouble with the conclusions. I’m not quite sure how to end each piece because I don’t want to sound like I’m telling everyone that they’re overeating and need to stop or that they need to change all their habits and choices in order to eat appropriate amounts. To be honest, this has been an overwhelming week so I may not have devoted as much time to this project as I could have, but hopefully sitting down and thinking about this over fall break will push me in the right direction and give me some good ideas.

I’m also having trouble getting these drafts done because I can’t stop thinking about eating while I write (obviously), so all I want to do is go home and feast, which is ironic because I’m writing about how to not overeat… Perhaps I should include the effects of just thinking about food on hunger and consumption volume.

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  1. We’ve talked about this but I’m definitely on the same page in terms of maybe underestimating the scope of this project (I have the same problem thinking of food too much… I guess I can sort of blame it on my topic too??). It might help your conclusions to look at more articles from psychologyToday that deal with similar touchy topics you end up sort of referencing? Good luck!

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