Starting a Blog

So last night I unfortunately didn’t begin any of my homework until around 1. Its pretty normal for me to do my homework at obscure times because I am usually working, or sleeping from working so late the night before. Last night, however, I was so caught up in creating my own blog that I lost all track of time.

I started going through tons of different student’s portfolio’s and writing down what I liked and what I thought didn’t really work. I think I am finally catching onto this blogging sensation. I know these aren’t blogs, but this idea of sharing personal information on the internet is somewhat foreign to me. I think this assignment and this class in general are really starting to turn me onto the idea.

I also started looking at the blog and was completely inspired. I really love this idea and even though he is not part of the writing cohort, I would love to add a bucket list like this to my portfolio. I have kept a list like his for as long as I can remember and I think it really reveals something about me that I would want others to see.

Just some thoughts!

One thought to “Starting a Blog”

  1. That Bucket List blog is so cool! It’s really amazing what has been accomplished on the list so far (breathing fire??)! I feel like adding something like that to a personal portfolio would be totally engaging and interesting for people to read and get to know more about you! Totally awesome!

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