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I’ve made a few Youtube videos in my day, most of them done with my webcam and an acoustic guitar in my hand, but this video is going to be different. I plan on using iMovie to make a youtube video that attempts to interview college students on campus about their thoughts of pop music. Imagine a Jimmy Kimmel skit that is playful, somewhat mocks cheesy MTV styles of interviews, but makes an argument at the same time. I once saw a Jimmy Kimmel skit where he sent someone to Coachella music fest in California to interview some “hipsters” and find out if any of them know of some fake music artists they made up, since he states that hipsters love to act like they have heard of everybody. It was funny to hear some people lie and say they have heard of them and one person said they like their “upbeat energy,” about a band that doesn’t exist. But the point of my video is not to make fun of people who listen to pop, but more make a mockery of pop music culture by mimicking MTV style shooting and actually talk to people about the state of pop music and some of the values it promotes. I have used iMovie a couple times in the past, and interviewed people on campus in both occasions, so I know I can do that. I am a little worried about my ability to mock MTV with the limited skills I have and make a useful argument at the same time. Any opinions are welcome.

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  1. Since you are already familiar with the technology you’re using and have filmed interviews before, it sounds like you’re most worried about getting the right content for your video.

    I would suggest keeping your questions as simple and specific as possible. For example, you could ask a student what their favorite pop song is right now and specific questions about that song, rather than general questions like “What do you think of pop music?”

    Also, have you seen the Teens React videos on YouTube? They show teenagers reacting to and being interviewed about viral videos. The interviewers do a good job of asking questions that leave room for interpretation, but still prove a point. If you haven’t seen them, check out this one where teens react to Harlem Shake videos: (questions start at 3:10).

  2. Thanks a lot for those ideas! That is definitely a help. I saw some teens react to videos about Rebecca Black and some other songs that were produced by the same person, so perhaps I could include a quick “students react to” video in mine as a joke or something. We will see

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