The basics

Since I wanted to write a psuedo-buzzfeed article I decided that I had to start with the basics. First, I decided that I was going to use tumblr as my blog site of choice so I can recreate this project. I learned how add a picture which was pretty self explanatory.

Then, I moved on how to make GIFS. The Gif will bring the humour to my article is a more visually appealing way, therefore I focused alot on this part. I found a website that can create GIFs for you but they all were bad quality and you couldn’t add text.  Therefore, I decided to check out the photoshop aspect of creating gifs.


1) Open up photoshop

2) Upload your video by going to file > import > video frames to layer

3) Go to the parts of the video that you want to show, hold down the shift key while moving the slider then click ok.

4) Go to window > animation. ** make sure youre on animation frames

5) delete that parts you dont want by clicking the frames by clicking the rubbish icon below

6) change the size of your gif by going to image > image size

7) type whatever you want for your text

8) then click file > save for web and devices

I like the photoshop because you can alter your gif the most. Although it might be more time consuming, it gives you a more creative space.

** the gif below is used through a gif maker because I didnt have access to photoshop when writing this post.


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3 thoughts to “The basics”

  1. I have always loved GIFS. They are so simple but so hilarious! I love how a moving image and a few words can produce bouts of laughter. I look forward to seeing how you translate your repurposing piece into a buzzfeed type of remediation.

    Your writing made some really strong and important statements about magazines and the messages they are sending these days so I would like to see you incorporating humor as well as deep messages in your GIFS, if that is even possible. Can’t wait to see where you go with this project!

  2. Ah I’m so excited to see your finished post! The cool thing about this is that you could probably actually get it published on Buzzfeed. The great thing about gifs is how they can take a pretty serious issue like the one you wrote about and lighten it up. Humor usually makes much more of an impact than seriousness!

  3. I’ve always wondered how to actually make a gif! I’m really excited to see your remediation project now, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. And like Mary said, I bet you could have it published on Buzzfeed for real. That would be pretty cool.

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