Writing in Different Styles

As I go through my Re-Purposing project centered on writing a series of short stories, each with a distinct and different tone, I’m finding that it is a lot harder to not only write a story, but also to change my style, than I ever thought before.

From all the different things that I have written, I don’t believe I have ever really drafted a complete story that’s put together enough to read. Now, as I’m trying to formulate my thoughts, show without saying, and all the other things that English teachers used to point out in novels, I’m realizing just how hard it is to really replicate those effects. How do you set up an antagonist, create a plot, have a resolution, in such a short amount of time? How can I make my story show what I’m trying to say without turning it into another reflection piece and just having it plain and clear in white and black?

Changing my voice in my writing is even more difficult. Left to my own means, I find myself drifting back to the comfortable, same old style of writing I’ve always used. Somewhat pensive, serious, and reflective. But reaching out and trying a more humorous take, or a dry satirical tone, or even a whimsical one and combining that into a story is proving a challenge in itself.

As I continue with this project, I’m starting to reach out for examples. Short stories that I think have been crafted phenomenally. Voices that are different and intriguing to not only read, but to attempt to imitate. Suggestions, anyone?

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