Writing On My Mind: Part Two

This week I’ve been thinking about consistent writers. I don’t know if they exist because I’m definitely not one of them, but I think they might be real.

I live in a state of extremes- all in or all out is how I like to think of it. I’m either dancing like a Russian ballerina, or I’m sitting on the sidelines drinking a milkshake. It’s cool sometimes because I can be really good at things when I’m all in, but when I’m out, I’m really out.

So I think of this in terms of writing. I’m struck by lightning sometimes with ideas for essays. It happens at weird times a lot like at 4 am with a lot of caffeine, and I totally own that part of it, setting my alarm for 3:30 when necessary. I’m ultra-productive- I’m flying so high by 4:45, I might be delusional, stringing together sentences that to me are absolute genius.

But then,the sun rises. 11 am nears, and the Writer’s block kicks in. I know Writer’s block well, and it sucks. I stare at the same words and read them to myself two hundred times. I try to write sentences; I really want to write, but my sentences are all garbage. Nothing I’m saying is in English, I’m almost sure. So then I’m out. I can’t write, I never want to write again, and I remove myself completely.

I wonder what it’s like to be a consistent writer. I envy those writers if they exist – how they can sit down and write when they have to regardless of the sun’s pose. I think I’m the tortured poet.

2 thoughts to “Writing On My Mind: Part Two”

  1. Love this post! I think this concept it’s something a lot of us probably struggle with…at least I know I do. I honestly don’t know if there is s such thing as a completely consistent writer. I like to think I am pretty consistent in certain genres, but I wonder if anyone is consistent overall, at all times. Yet the more I think about it, even if it were an option I don’t know if I’d choose being consistent over having those amazing 3am moments of ingenious. I think it’s those moments that make all the writers block and frustration worth it.

  2. I think I’ve said it in every comment, but I absolutely love the voice in your writing!

    I don’t know if I’m one of those consistent writers you speak of, but I don’t generally have a time of day that is optimal for my writing. When I need to write, I sit down and just do it and usually something works. Music can really help to put me in the right mood and I’ve actually never met a real, seemingly unscalable writer’s block (knock on wood). Maybe I just like talking to much and always have something to say or maybe I just spend a lot of time saying nothing.

    I’m not sure consistent writers would be a good thing. I can write almost whenever, but does that mean I’m getting quality or just extreme amounts of quantity? I must say, I’ve also never had inspiration hit at 4am, namely because I’m usually asleep by then and don’t get woken up by creativity, but I’d be interested to know what that’s like.

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