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Most of my writing up until high school did not require much strategy. In high school I was forced to draft outlines and turn them along with my final essays. Sometimes if a teacher really motivated me with an engaging essay topic, I would additionally write maybe one draft essay that was more than an outline and closer to the final version of the essay. It was not until I started speech and debate team and saw how public speaking required an outline written prior in order to logically present an idea. Writing academically is very similar to the structure taught in speech and debate, and as a result it had influenced my writing strategies and my use of outlines. This is what my strategy is if I am writing academically, however if I am writing more freely in a creative manner than I have a different strategy completely. When writing creatively I have the strategy of writing down my thoughts. When doing this I like to have a endless streaming flow of thoughts translate into pen and paper by rapidly writing down every single thing I am thinking and realizing. This is a strategy I have adopted since I was young because this has been the best way for me to express my emotions. It feels cathartic and more genuine if I honestly and openly write the all of the thoughts in my head and do not censor or edit them as they come. This is another strategy that helps me in my writing Penguins

Kidada Malloy

Sophomore, 25 years old, originally from Los Angeles, half English/half American, half Black/half White, interested in Public Policy

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  1. I think it is really cool that you have realized the different strategies that you use for different types of writing. I’d definitely recommend you try to challenge yourself for a way to blend it all together for papers that blur the lines between creative and academic! Very nice post though and great to see that your past experiences (speech and debate) influence you now!

  2. Debate team!!!! Yes!! I absolutely loved it in high school. I always debated on the negative side though, where it was basically impossible to form an outline ahead of time. But going off of that, I think that the “thinking on your feet” strategy lends to your free writing method, where you basically just write what’s on your mind. At least that’s how I made it through a debate! I like how you’ve taken strategies from both the negative and affirmative sides.

  3. Free writing/ stream of consciousness writing is really helpful for me too. I never really dislike the outline strategy that my teachers in High School gave out; in fact, I still believe that the outline strategy works well in some situations.

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