Writing Strategy

Similar to how i’m writing this blog post, I literally just type everything out. Obviously I make sure that I know what I’m writing about and have a sense of where I want to go with my paper, but other than that it is just a free write that hopefully goes somewhere. Once I feel like I can’t do anything else with that particular paper, I save it and close it. Boom.

I wait about 24 hrs before coming to look at it again. It is at this point where I start to read it again (and correct any grammatical errors) and make sure that I am consistent with my argument. If  I am not, I adjust my argument or my evidence.

This nonsensical and word vomit way of writing help me write through any paper. I used to suffer with writers block when I would think too much about something. That is why I just make sure I have a draft full of vomit (no, not literally) and clean up the mess after.

Honestly, I’ll probably do revise that second draft one more time just to make sure that I’m fully satisfied.

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3 thoughts to “Writing Strategy”

  1. Like you already said in your comment, we basically have the same general strategy. I totally agree that just getting SOMETHING written is usually a good way to start, because otherwise it just gets so overwhelming!

  2. Your blogging style is so clearly your voice, it is such a refreshing thing to read. On a note of your writing strategy, it is clearly a good one! Jotting things down and “vomiting” all over your paper is a great way to start writing. I have such awful writer’s block, so I also agree that this is a helpful starting-up trick!

  3. Do you find that there’s any difference for you between free writing on paper and typing it up? Sometimes I feel like I have to do my initial writing by hand or it just won’t flow in the natural way I want it to, but it sounds like you do fine typing!

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