Prezi is a beautiful thing

HA! And I thought I was experienced with Prezi. I have already done two projects with this program, but after checking out, wow, just wow. There are litterally 50 different presentations describing different things you can do with it. I had no idea that you could do so much! This project could be a lot cooler than what I thought it could be and I am getting excited. So I wanted to try my hand at a video (hey Katie, I am stealing your idea on embedding videos). I started on to see how to do this, but then landed on and just typed in prezi and everything popped up for me. OH WOW, this is so easy!

You literally just type in the url for the youtube video on prezi. Click anywhere on your presentation (which is a really cool idea just having a big blank template, and then almost like drawing your ideas. And then you just  focus specifically on your creation what you want o be viewed at a time. I really suggest using this and will never use powerpoint again!)

I tried inserting this interview with Audrey below into mine and whats cool about prezi too is that you can make the video super small in the grand picture so people can’t see it unless you zoom in. My presentation ends with zooming out completely and you see that you’ve been spanning around the different sections of a magazine cover. And you can rotate it and even during your presentation can like pause and stop it. VERY easy.

Audrey Hepburn interview. Looking at the classic women

So, in response to Katie… can you tag people on this… embedding videos isn’t scary!


One thought to “Prezi is a beautiful thing”

  1. Ahahahaha I’m glad you’ve had a better experience than I have with this! Maybe you can give me a lesson in technology next class. I was close to doing a Prezi for my re-mediating but Pinterest is just so much simpler for people like me 🙂

    Also, I really think that the magazine cover idea will work really well with the content that you created for re-purposing. I’m excited to hear how it turns out!

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