Essays Are Boring

I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book.  This is something I have zero experience with – it’s just a gut feeling. I’ve spent most of my life writing essays. The first writing assignments I ever made, in elementary school, were essentially one paragraph essays. I’m sick of writing essays, and for some reason I just really want to write a children’s book.

How does this relate to my MIW work? I joined the Minor In Writing for two reasons. One – I wanted to hone my essay skills. Two – I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zones and try writing things I’ve never written before. Almost all the writing I’ve done so far in MIW has been focused towards accomplishing reason one. Even the first writing assignment (a narrative) ended up sounding like a formal essay. I haven’t really made any progress on goal two. I want to dive completely out of my comfort zone. I want to write something as unlike an essay as possible. A children’s book just sounds like a fun project. I just really want to write a children’s book.

Hopefully the MIW will provide an opportunity for me to seriously jump outside of my comfort zone. So far it hasn’t pushed the boundaries as far as I’ve liked. This is probably my fault. I need to make a point of choosing assignments that push me outside of my comfort zone. So next assignment I get to choose will be something radically out there…

4 thoughts to “Essays Are Boring”

  1. Well I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose for the next assignment then! And yeah, a children’s book would be really cool to write. I feel like you could definitely write something really funny! Even if it’s not in this class, you should start one in your free time, if free time exists anymore… Also, I feel the same way about the MIW pushing us to go out of our comfort zones. I used to hate creative writing, or just writing about myself in general, but slowly, I’m starting to enjoy it! Baby steps!

  2. What would your children’s book be about? I always think it’s cool to go back and read classic children’s book that as a kid seemed cool, and then once you’re older you realize there’s some deep message behind it (and sometimes a not so kid friendly message).
    You could totally write a children’s book that sounds like it’s about a fluffy white bunny rabbit and then really it’s about some super complex culturally relevant issue and then you sound like a genius for making something complicated into child’s play (literally).
    I’m pretty sure that for the Capstone course we get to pick a whole project that we want to do for the semester. Yours could be writing a children’s book. Do it.

  3. I think your children’s book would be pretty awesome after learning about why you write in the beginning of the semester – I have a feeling you could pick a moral or a topic and make a lot of cool connections with it.

    I definitely agree about the MIW pushing us out of our comfort zones, and it’s a good thing, because how else will we grow as writers? I think even having to write blogs for you has been a step out of your comfort zone (I remember you being totally confused by them at first), but I think you’re getting the hang of it 🙂

  4. A children’s book sounds amazing, and incredibly challenging at the same time, maybe a perfect opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone. When I think of it, sometimes a children’s book may be the most challenging writing of all because looking back, they share very potent messages very simply. It seems everything was point to one moral or another and the positive points were very strongly emphasized. Problem is, every issue has a positive and negative so figuring out how to present both in a balanced, child friendly manner can be quite a feat.

    When I started off the repurposing, I also had the goal of trying out new forms and tones of writing to go beyond my comfort zone. I ended up doing two short stories and attempting to write them in two different voices. It was way harder than I thought but very rewarding going from formal essay writing to fictional prose. I’m very excited to see how your project turns out and to hear what changes and problems you had to work with!

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