A Collage of Ideas

Taken with a Holga in South Sinai
Taken with a Holga in South Sinai

I began my search for the “ideal” blog by simply typing in different tags in the search box of WordPress. Not so time efficient, but WordPress eventually showed me what I was looking for.

I saw a general trend in which types of blogs I was attracted to. Whether I was flipping through topics on film or photography, I realized that I was really amused with the idea of representing a piece of writing, or even an idea with an image. After all, they say a picture can represent a thousand words. Cheesy, I know…but still.

One blog called “The Colors That I Am” focuses primarily on lomography, which is something I have wanted to experiment with for a while now; I just haven’t bought the fancy film yet. I have an old 35 mm Pentax camera which I prefer over digital film, simply because it gives me a sense of individuality. I know that the way I adjust the lens and the imperfections that occur (yeah it’s a pretty old camera) cannot be reproduced. For me, film photography represents my own personal touch that technology cannot match.

The blog mentioned above describes different “photography challenges” the author took upon himself. Each description is represented by a title and a picture, which you can click on to read the actual story on a separate page.

As opposed to using titles, I would like to provide a picture and then maybe a defining quote underneath that gives the viewer a hint as to the tone of the underlying piece of writing.

Although there are multiple images on the main page of the blog, there are also headers at the top, one of which is titled “get random.” I thought this was super cool, because it takes you to a different piece of writing (paired with a photograph) every time you click it. I think this really allows the viewer to realize the continuity among seemingly unrelated topics.

There are also categories on the top of the page which more coherently organize the photographs, along with personal pieces of the blogger’s own story that creatively connect back to the theme of imagery. He writes a poem expressing how ultra-traditional religious sanctity in Egypt hinders free expression and connects it to his own motivation to pursue photography, saying “I have nothing but these pixels. I want to screech and scream and howl.” I would also like to find a way of pulling different forms of expression together, into one collage that represents a main theme.


Hillary Crawford

Let's start with the basics- I am a third year honors political science major here at the university, with a minor in Writing (obviously, right?) and Global Media Studies (have to fit in those film classes). Until this summer, I was basically clueless as to what I wanted to pursue. "Grown-ups" always asked what I wanted to do with a political science degree. Simultaneously, fellow students around me declared they had finally found their destined direction in life. Well, all of these comments just made me wish that I had a set goal, that I knew what I wanted to do in the foreseeable future. But I didn't. After I came to terms with the beauty of keeping my options open while continuing to learn about a broad spectrum of topics, my lightbulb finally went off. Oh, the irony. Long story short, I think I want to be a journalist. But like everything in life, this is always subject to change.

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  1. This is really cool!! I like things online that are photo based! I think you will be very creative and find a way to work off of this in your own interests.

  2. Totally agree that image adds a lot to a blog. Last year when I ran my LHSP blog, I found a WordPress theme that really showed off photos well and actually made them “part” of my posts. It sounds confusing but I’ll be sure to show you the theme in class!

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