A Very Jazzy Christmas Indeed

Christmas guys. I’m obsessed.

Buddy the Elf jumping for joy
This is what happens as soon as I see the lights and wreaths go up on the trees and streetlights downtown.

I think I have mentioned before my affinity for jazz music as background to my writing, so obviously I was so excited to find this playlist on 8tracks. Jazz+Christmas=One Happy Writer.

Sometimes when I am listening to this, though, I get a little sidetracked thinking about the holidays (Bah Humbug to all who read this and don’t think that the season starts until after Thanksgiving). I love so many things about the holiday season, but a lot of them include taking a break from academic writing and really¬†enjoying¬†the writing process.

Writing During the Holidays

  • Catching up on reading (all of those novels and magazines and blogs that have been on the back burner during school)
  • Keeping a gratitude journal during the holidays of all of the things I am thankful for
  • Checking things off of the ridiculously long “To Do Over Christmas Break” list
  • Journaling with a cup of cocoa in your pajamas while watching the snow fall
  • Scrapbooking events and memories from the year
  • Making New Year’s Resolutions


How do you all write during the holidays?

Katie Koziara

During the school year, I can usually be found doing a few things: studying domestic health policy, working as a student coordinator for the Public Service Intern Program, exploring different restaurants around Ann Arbor, running my regular loop around the Big House, or catching up on one of my many, many favorite television shows.

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  1. I have a friend from high school who was always equally obsessed with Christmas and I remember specifically her “Sleeps left until Santa comes” app. I’d look into that! I’m a cheesy fan of reflecting on the year come December 31. I love being able to slow down during winter break and kind of absorb everything I’ve learned and experienced over the semester. Almost there!

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