also, i can’t draw

I can’t read my own handwriting probably 72% of the time I look back on notes for school or shopping lists (I blame left-handedness) so reflecting on my storyboard should probably get me some…err… “visual literacy challenge” gamefied points…right? maybe? Okay. or not.

That said, I did enjoy the process of drawing out the overall structure and some details of what I want my infographics to convey. I thought I’d have more trouble translating the tone of my original piece (which was more anecdote-based) in graphs and pictures but it turned out to be a pretty natural transition. I was kind of inspired by Jessica Hagy’s diagrams, which were linked from one of the Digital Rhetoric Collective readings, and want to emulate that thought-provoking but funny and honest tone through charts and images. I still have some details to tweak and the actual construction will be another story but I’m excited to now work with something a little more tangible. In the midst of storyboarding I also decided that I’d like to display my final set of images on my e-portfolio in a simple slideshow format rather than using a Prezi or another presentation software (there goes software again, it’s like Big Brother), since I’d like to avoid any distracting components (transitions, voiceovers) and keep all the focus on the graphics themselves.

storyboard1And since everyone else is doing it I guess I’ll share my chicken scratch¬†storyboard with you guys.

Margot Kriete

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One thought to “also, i can’t draw”

  1. Ahahha I’d give you visual literacy points. My handwriting is atrocious too, and I’m right-handed so I don’t even have an excuse. If I had a dollar for every time one of my friends commented on the contrast between my preppy, color coded, hyper organized Lilly Pulitzer planner and the horrible handwriting that fills the pages…

    Also I looked through some of Jessica Hagy’s diagrams. I love that they are so simple, just Ven Diagrams on notecards. Some of them are funny and some of them express frustrations ( better than words without graphics could. Definitely a great place to draw inspiration from.

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