Amazing Imaginations

Since I’m currently visiting my Dad’s family in Pennsylvania, it’s been so amazing to see everyone — especially my little cousins.  I get to see them once a year at the most, and it’s so sad (in a cute way) to see them growing up so fast!  My dad’s family is huge (every time I visit, I meet someone new), so it’s been overwhelming to say the least.  But my favorite part of the trip is always when my little cousins begin attacking me and just talking… and TALKING… and TALKING to me (seriously — I never knew kids could talk this much).

Today I was bombarded with crazy, made-up “dreams” from Toni (age 5) which involved a tiny lizard who worked with him to save the world from an evil robot who was using ice cream to steal pet turtles away from families (who knew that turtles liked ice cream?).  Then Jose (Toni’s brother, age 6) couldn’t wait to tell me another weird (and a little creepy) story about a possessed doll who controlled zombies that only eat human eyes… that one was a little disturbing.

At that point, three of my other cousins found us and wanted to start telling stories too.  I was admittedly a little tired of hearing the kids yelling and getting distracted, so I asked them if they wanted to write the stories instead.  This didn’t work for Toni and Jose, who aren’t that good at writing yet, so I had my other cousins Ashanti and Mike write for them.  This was… interesting to say the least.  It didn’t quite work out the way that I planned, but in the end ALL of the different stories, from all 5 of my cousins were somehow combined into one amazing story.  I couldn’t believe how creative these kids were!  Their story actually made sense (even though it was really really weird at parts).  While the older ones wrote their parts of the story, Toni and Jose drew pictures to go along with the story, which were so cute 🙂  And all of them were so proud of what they had written!  They showed EVERYONE and we even had Mike read it to the entire family after dinner. I don’t know who ended up taking the story home with them — otherwise I would have taken a picture of the final product!

I was such a proud cousin today, and I was so happy to get them writing.  I asked Ashanti and Mike if they ever write stories for fun and they told me they never had.  Hopefully they’ll start writing more!  I hope that they thought it was a lot of fun… I definitely had fun reading everything that they came up with!

So be on the lookout for a new bestseller coming out soon about a little boy named Carlos who has to save the world from some evil werewolves that know karate and lick you with green slime to poison you and eat your brains.  It’s definitely a page turner!

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  1. Hahaha this is the best post!! I love this! What a great idea to have them all contribute to a big story and use their imaginations. Seriously you win some kind of “best cousin award.” The ice-cream loving turtles made me laugh out loud in a coffee shop.

    I’ll be around some younger family members during the holidays, and I am SO stealing this idea.

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