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Detroit City is the Place to Be Mark Binelli

I walked into a room filled with fluorescent lighting and old people with limited expectations about the presentation I was about to watch. Mark Binelli, author of “Detroit City is the Place to Be”, grew up in St. Clair Shores (a suburb of Detroit). I assumed his presentation would be far from genuine.

However, I was pleasantly surprised as soon as he began to speak.

Binelli began his presentation by referencing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, explaining that many Michiganders take pride in the song because of its mention of South Detroit.

What people don’t realize is that the guy in the song was getting out of there at midnight going anywhere. Literally anywhere was better than Detroit.

Why do people ignore the end of that particular phrase in Don’t Stop Believing?

Because they want Detroit to succeed.

The city has over 70,000 vacant buildings and almost 40 vacant square miles (the size of Boston, Manhattan, and San Francisco combined). The potential is limitless. So, what can be done with the ruins?

Mark Binelli told his story of Detroit, not of how Detroit is presented by the media as a “symbol of the Recession”. He highlighted possibilities instead of failures. Binelli wants to see a world where people do not have to be convinced to keep believing in the city. The potential is there. How can we harness it?

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