color wheeling #stylechallenge

I’m starting to appreciate how well technology abstracts the complexity behind…pretty much everything. It took me a solid half hour to master drawing circles in Illustrator. Let’s hope the learning curve flattens out a little now that I’ve got shapes down…

I’ve never been the most visual person (exhibit A – my storyboard post) so dealing with translating words to infographics has been a challenge. I’ve decided to take more control of my project since I’ve realized my storyboard consists of more illustrations and visualization of ideas than straight-up data, so I’m toying with Illustrator right now as I map out my first remediation draft.

Luckily, people who know more about graphic design than I ever knew was possible have published a ton of tutorials on basic principles of design, some more general and some catered to infographics. Of course, everything is easier said than done, but the members of my group who are also working on visual pieces and I exchanged tips too (thanks to Lisa I now know that concentric circles look way better than single circles…seriously, who figures this stuff out?). Even learning about seemingly simple elements like color has made me realize how easy it is to ignore when color schemes are working well (and usually abiding by rules of color theory) but how glaringly obvious it is when the colors just don’t fit.


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