Colors and Fonts — Such Fun!

The style that I was interested in looking at for my re-mediation project was the different ways that color and font play a role in creating an interesting project.  I really never thought about these two features as being a big part of a presentation — I’d just pick one that I thought was nice looking.  After watching the tutorial on presentations that was on C-Tools, I thought it was really interesting and enlightening to think about these features in the context of the audience!  Before, while I was in the beginning stages of my prezi I had a standard Times New Roman font that looked professional (and admittedly plain).  Now, I drastically changed my first draft from a plain prezi made from scratch to one which has a basic template — and a fun new font.  See the picture below!

Font for my Re-Mediation Project
New font/template for my Re-Mediation Project

Because my audience is college freshmen, I thought a Blackboard template would be fitting for this sort of project.  Also, the font is WAY more engaging that boring Times New Roman, or anything like that.  As for the colors, they work together in a way that I think is simple, yet effective — which is really what I’m going for.  On they suggested some really “out-there” color palettes that I think draw people away from the content and more towards the aesthetics.  I hope that with the colors that I picked (black, white, yellow, etc.) these hypothetical students will be interested in what is being presented and stay engaged as well.  Overall, the tutorial on gave me a lot more to think about than I first thought possible!  I hope it turns out as good as I want it to!


2 thoughts to “Colors and Fonts — Such Fun!”

  1. I looked into colors and fonts too because I think visual appeal/appearance is extremely for many of our re-mediation projects. While I was working on my ads, I found it EXTREMELY difficult to find the perfect font to use. I realized typical fonts like Times New Roman and Arial that are used for professional documents (papers, resumes, proposals, etc) look strange on ads. Ads require bold, easy to read font styles so it was kind of interesting to play around with that to find one that fit.
    I also definitely agree that even if a color palette is appealing, they may not necessarily work for the project as a whole depending on how it will focus your audience’s attention.

  2. I really like this! I can’t really change up colors or fonts with my remediating project (thanks Pinterest) but I definitely will be using some of these ideas when it comes to my e-portfolio! Your project is going to be really cohesive with your repurposing project, especially with the blackboard background and a sort of “lesson plan.” I know it will turn out great!

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