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I’m using this e-portfolio to attempt to present myself as a diverse writer. Not because I want to show off or anything like that, but because for a very long time I was the exact opposite of a diverse writer. I literally only liked to write academic papers with a formal tone and structure. I was good at it, and I thought this made me a good writer. Really, it made me a boring and stubborn writer.  So rather than only including these types of papers, I am attempting to do the exact opposite and include as large of a range of styles as I can. So far I have blog posts, a pamphlet, two creative non-fiction essays, and two academic essays (haven’t decided 100% on which ones). I’m trying to get a couple more styles in, possibly some writing I’ve done for the michigan advertising and marketing club.

My portfolio is also meant to be a bit more personal and reflective. This isn’t to say I couldn’t still show it in an interview or a professional context depending on the exact environment, but this is not my sole purpose. Therefore, you won’t find my resume anywhere and my about me section is a collection of personal pictures.

What I’m learning more and more about this portfolio as I keep working on it is that the way in which artifacts are presented and the structure of the website mean almost as much as the artifacts themselves. No matter how incredible the writing may be, if it’s hard to navigate through, if you constantly have to click the back button, or if you are forced to take circuitous routes to get places, it takes away from the writing itself. So, in order to avoid this issue I’m working to make my portfolio as structured and clear as possible. A couple of things I’ve done…

1) I have (or will have) all drafts, storyboards, bibliographies, etc as links that open in new tabs and  have all final drafts right on the site. This way, the most important things are right in front of the viewer, and anything else opens up in a new tab which they can quickly close rather than having to keep clicking through a drop down menu that says “draft 1, draft 2, final draft” or keep clicking the back button if the links take you to a new page

2) I’ve created the Repurposing/Remediating page as one tab so that the viewer has no choice but to read the repurposing first, and then when they get to the bottom there is a button that takes them to the remediating page.

I’m still thinking of other ways to make the e-portfolio as streamlined and organized as possible. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Heres the link:


6 thoughts to “Cross-Cohort E-Portfolio Intro”

  1. I think that is a wise choice to make your e-portfolio very easy to navigate. Everyone loves that. I’m a little worried about that in mine personally. But the idea to include your remediating piece right below your re-purposing is a great idea I think, because people will be more inclined to jump to the remediation first I would suspect.

    Just in my opinion, I prefer when a website does not open a new tab on me. I assume that I can navigate back to any place I need to via links on the site, and if not, I don’t mind the back button. I prefer these options over a new tab personally, because multiple tabs annoy me when I am navigating through one website. But if that works best for you and you prefer than definitely go for it. And it sounds like you are putting a lot of thought into what tabs will be best for organization so I’m sure that will make it easy on the viewer.

  2. Your colors are so great! I love the tealish green color. It makes it really stand out and the whole boxy layout thing is really clean. Your set up is awesome!

    I also really like that you took the more personal approach rather than professional. I also made mine that way and I’m finding it really refreshing and reflective and something you don’t often get to do. Just sort of putting away the future business and looking at yourself right now.

    Your flipbook looks like it’s really coming along, too! I haven’t heard about your project since we switched groups, but I’m really excited to see your final re-mediation.

    Last thing, I would agree with Patrick that opening new tabs is slightly annoying for me. And I think someone can always sort of “right click” and choose open in new tab if a reader really wants it in a new tab.

  3. Hi Jamie!
    Your blog looks great so far. I especially liked the way you made your “About Me” page a series of pictures from your life instead of just writing it all out in paragraphs. It looks great, and the scrolling-over-the-pictures feature is really engaging.
    I think it’s great that you’ve decided to fill your e-portfolio with different types of writings too. Even if you were to show this portfolio to a potential employer, it shows that you’re a creative and diverse writer and not just a one trick pony.
    After clicking around a bit, I liked how your tabs are set up and everything seemed easy to navigate. I’m sure your portfolio will be really great once it’s done!

  4. Another Wix portfolio – it looks great!

    I really like your use of images in your “About Me” page, especially the hover over text. It’s also definitely a good idea to use writing from all different classes in the portfolio – maybe even think of adding any writing you’ve done outside of school as another tab!

    Everything is very easy to navigate and set up very clearly. The only suggestion I would have is maybe to change the color of the text boxes on the home page – it’s pretty bright in addition to the white text.

  5. Hey Jamie!
    I really like the layout of your portfolio, as well as the color scheme. In the “about me” section, it’s really neat how you can mouse over pictures and a paragraph pops up. It’s all very clever!

    I know you said you wanted your portfolio to be streamlined, but I think it would add to the layout if you added more tabs related to your writing. Or, rather than that, you could always re-title the “more” tab, just so people know that that tab is really what your portfolio is centered around!

  6. I like your idea with the repurposing/remediating pieces on the same page. That’s something I didn’t think of at all that I’m probably going to incorporate into my own portfolio.

    I also completely agree with your thoughts on site navigation. Bad websites ruin even the best material. I also notice that you’re using wix which I think is a great call – its so easy to use.

    I’m interested to see how you’re portfolio works out with so many types of writing assignments combined into one place. If you can find a dominating theme to put context to your whole portfolio I think that would be a strong move.

    Good Luck!

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