Definitely a #Tech(Challenge)

As I continue to fluctuate between creating a video or a website for this re-mediation project, I decided to head to an actual Mac lab and test out iMovie more in depth.  Basically, I wanted to see if it would be worth it to travel to a mac lab to complete this project, and unfortunately I really liked the tutorial on (making my decision even more difficult!).  I also watched a tutorial video for Windows Live Movie Maker on my laptop using some videos I have saved, and found that the system just doesn’t give me enough features or freedom to create the type of video that I want.  Here’s one of the final products on Movie Maker — I worked through the tutorial editing the clips (but didn’t use any special effects) just to see the barebones results and practice posting to Youtube:

However, the iMovie Essential tutorial was really great and so comprehensive!  Anything that I had a question about before starting was answered in different videos — specifically I really benefited from the videos on voice overs and adding titles.  Both are features that would be very important for my project if I chose to do a video.  I really enjoyed working with the program and its exercise files, especially because I am not the most tech-savvy person and really enjoy walk-through tutorials.  It is amazing that provides all of these amazing videos for free (woo, thanks U of M!).

A screenshot of an iMovie tutorial on
A screenshot of an iMovie tutorial on

Overall, this tech challenge has succeeded in confusing me even more about the platform/medium that I want to use for this project — which really stinks since I need to start my story-board ASAP.

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  1. I agree that is a great resource!

    I’m glad you got to play around with iMovie a bit more since our first meeting when we discussed our project proposals and made a mini-video to test out the program, haha. Though it will be inconvenient to have to travel to a location that provides Mac desktops for you to use, I think the freedom and special features iMovie provides will let you make the vision you have for this project a reality! I’m excited to see your storyboard tomorrow!

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