Different Styles Different Writing

As Emily and I are working through our remediation, we’ve noticed how important it is to be flexible and willing to change. Working with a new medium and a new topic and way of presenting requires us to try different things and be willing to continually adjust to find the best combination.

We started off with wix since it seemed to have a very fluid interface that allowed us to manipulate many components of the site. As we’ve worked, however, we’ve realized the formatting doesn’t quite suit our needs in the way that we would like and have now shifted to tumblr. As I’ve been adding captions to our pictures I’m also struggling with how to preserve our site theme of simplicity and visuals, while still capturing the scene and the quote with selectively chosen words. Originally, I had literally laid it out question followed by direct answer. Now, as I try to make the site flow together more, I’ve realized that I can use my writing to set a tone. I can bring in the setting of that person speaking and all of a sudden, the story comes alive. We had an incredible time interviewing people and heard amazing responses. For readers of our site, I want them to have a glimpse of what it was like to be there and how the words were spoken. Sometimes, I’ve realized, it’s not just what people say, but how they say it.

2 thoughts to “Different Styles Different Writing”

  1. Reading this post and remembering our struggles with choosing a platform.

    WIX nawww
    WORDPRESS just kidding
    TUMBLR? no way

    okay, maybe Wix.

    That process was so stressful! But wow, the finished product is so worth it!


  2. I can definitely relate to the struggles you guys were going through with this project. When I started my re-mediation project, I was using powerpoint. I was unhappy with how simple and boring everything looked, so I switched to Prezi, which was something I had never used to before. At first, I struggled, but as I kept working I became much more familiar and comfortable with it. Also, I was originally using wordpress for my eportfolio, but I was also unhappy with the way that was turning out, so I decided to switch to Wix. With both my re-mediation and my eportfolio, I think I made the right decision to switch formats, and I’m glad you did too

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