E-Portfolio Fun!

I just have to say… I have procrastinated on work for so many other classes because of this e-portfolio — it’s way too much fun!  I really enjoy putting everything together and finding pictures that I want to represent me and my work, as well as actually making sure that all of the links work and everything is in order.  I actually forgot how to upload my essays onto my wix.com page and keep them in the browser, so I was trying a bunch of different things and searching for help for about 10 minutes before I figured it out again!  (You have to link to a pdf version of the document, in case you were wondering!)  I’m really glad that this feature is available for my e-portfolio, and that it’s so easy to use — having to download a document to read it gets really annoying after a while!

Screen-shot of my e-portfolio
Part of my unfinished “Creative Non-Fiction” page

As I continue to work on my e-portfolio, I’m excited to get more in depth about the different pieces I’m using and my “About Me” section.  Right now everything is very bare and there are no descriptions (as you can see from my screen-shot), and I can’t wait to start reflecting on my writing and making the pages come to life!  Most of my links are in place for different essays, so it’s just a matter of finding an appropriate time (ie NOT when I have a paper due on Wednesday that I should be revising) to start putting everything together and continuing the fun 🙂   Hope everyone is doing awesome on your e-portfolios!  Can’t wait to see them all!

One thought to “E-Portfolio Fun!”

  1. I definitely agree about not having too many files to download on our sites. This was one of the things I noted that I didn’t like when we looked at past portfolios. To me, forcing the reader to download a document breaks up the coherent feel of the portfolio. I think the viewers should sort of get subdued and lost (mentally that is…not due to a lack of organization!) in our sites, and in my opinion switching between word docs and the site takes away from this. I’m really glad Wix has alternatives to this.

    Can’t wait to see your final portfolio — the rough draft was awesome in class!

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