E-Portfolio Introduction

The first goal of my e-portfolio is to show how I have changed as a writer throughout college. I have tabs across the top of each page for work I have completed in Writing 220, and for other academic classes. I hope to show work from every year of college, but will privilege my Freshman year and my current Junior year.

I decided to present a wide range of work while I was looking at all my potential artifacts. I noticed there are some topics I have chosen to write about over and over again, but in different classes, styles, and contexts. I especially noticed common threads between my writing for English 125 and the work I am doing for Writing 220. I want to showcase these two points in my life to illustrate how I have developed and matured as a writer.

Showing my work and progress over time will help with my second e-portfolio goal: being professional. I hope I can show my portfolio to prospective employers, both as writing samples and to display my personality. My portfolio has a white background, black text, and a grid-like layout. But, it will also have many images, to add color and be a little more informal. I want my design to show that while I tend to be serious and reserved, especially in professional settings, I am still able to relax and have fun.

I am most excited to upload artifacts and the descriptions of each section. I have already picked out many of the things I want to include. I’m very close to bringing my portfolio from a skeleton to a full composition, and I cannot wait to see this happen!

However, I’m still struggling with how I want to display my papers. I know I want the text directly on the webpage rather than uploading a pdf. But, I am not sure if I want my artifacts to be in a digital, web writing format, or if I want them to be more static, text-only compositions.

I am also struggling with the types of images I will include with each piece, and what each image will reflect. For example, do I want photos or clipart that directly describe the content of the writing? Or would I rather use visuals to represent my feelings about a piece of writing? If I choose the second option, where and how do I explain this so the reader understands the purpose of the images?

Although it’s definitely still in-progress, here is a link to my e-portfolio!

5 thoughts to “E-Portfolio Introduction”

  1. I think you can do a little mix of both with the pictures! I’m sure some of the paper fill the clip art picture scene better and the others are more suited for the real picture deal. Play around with it!

    I also really like how simple your blog is. I want mine to be similar so its professional yet I can get personal with my writing/pictures.

    I also really like the text that you have. It says “i’m bold and fun, but serious”.

  2. I think this is an awesome start at an e-portfolio. I think that your goals of showing your development as a writer and your professional side. I love the format of your six page, and I think that your images could really help you achieve these goals if done well!

    I think that your images should match the content of your paper, treating it as almost a signal for what the reader will be seeing. Hope it turns out great!

  3. I think this is great, and I like that you’ve chosen to showcase work from Freshman year until now to show how you’ve grown as a writer. It’s always difficult for me to show off my old work (and even to read my old stuff myself). I sort of hang on tightly to all of my old essays, almost embarrassed of them because I think the new ones are so far improved. I admire that you’re willing to share all of your writing though and show your reader your progression. Good luck with everything!

  4. I think establishing your goals and keeping them in mind is a wonderful way to work on this project. Showcasing your progression of work really demonstrates that you are hardworking and always developing to improve! I give you credit for sharing this all- I don’t want people reading my old shitty essays, but when you put them in this perspective it is pretty smart to do!

    Keep working hard

  5. Yay Marley! I really like your portfolio’s outline and am really excited to see all of the different pieces uploaded to the pages! In particular, your resume page looks SO professional yet modern that I was so jealous when I saw it — I feel like it’s really “you”! Also, I love your portfolio’s transitions from page to page… they seem to sweep by like you’re going from right to left on the screen, and it’s so awesome. Overall it looks great! Keep being amazing!

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