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I had originally chosen Weebly as the platform for my EPortfolio.  I made this decision because I had never created my own website before, and after experimenting with several options, I found that Weebly was the simplest, most easy to use option, at least for me.  I wanted my site to have a simplistic, minimalist look and be very easy for users to navigate.  I had seen sites filled with many different colors, which definitely caught my attention; however, I feel as though users could be just as drawn to a page using less powerful colors like blacks, whites, and grays.  I also think that this could oftentimes be less distracting and more appealing as compared to an extremely colorful page that could be overwhelming and even sometimes perplexing.

I had gathered most of the artifacts I wanted to post on my portfolio and was doing my best to organize them in the way the I had envisioned, but truthfully I wasn’t in love the options Weebly was giving me.  I wasn’t sure if it was worth it to change my platform entirely or just do my best to work with what Weebly was giving me to create a site I was happy with.  I didn’t hear about Wix until a few weeks ago and obviously I didn’t know much about it.  The funniest part about making my decision to switch over to Wix was that I actually saw a commercial on TV about it.  The advertisement was all about businesses being able to create their own websites and personalize it to fit their company’s needs.  I’ll admit, it wasn’t the commercial itself that convinced me to start building my portfolio with Wix, but it definitely intrigued me enough to start playing around with the site, and I eventually realized that definitely preferred Wix over Weebly.

At first, I really liked the different templates Wix had to offer.  They broke them down into different categories such as photography portfolios, architecture portfolios, writing portfolios, etc.  The great part about this is that you don’t have to select a template based on the artifacts that you post on your page.  Instead, you can edit these different templates and add your own artifacts.  The template decision is mainly based on the look you want for your page.

I am still in the process of adding my artifacts and organizing my site but the general idea is to separate my pages into five different sections: Home, About Me, Freshman Year, Sophomore Year, and Junior Year.  Each of these pages can be accessed through a bar on the top of the page.  Lists of my pieces of writing also drop down when hovering over these different page titles on the top bar.  While this is a very simple way for users to access my writing, they could also be accessed through pictures on each of the main pages.  Each picture is in some way related to the piece of writing it corresponds to.  I feel like these pictures give users an extra incentive to read my writing.  Once users click on these pictures or on the titles in the top bar, they can read my writing in the form of a page by page slideshow.  I thought this was a great way to add a different type of media or web writing.  I think its also a clean way to display my writing, giving users an easy way to navigate from page to page.

There is still much work that needs to be done on my portfolio before I my portfolio is complete but it is definitely on the right track.  I am really happy with the decision to change my platform from Weebly to Wix.  I think it was the right decision, and I think I am definitely going to be more happy with my final portfolio as a result

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  1. Hi Jason!
    I’ve never even heard of Wix, but it’s great that you found a platform you like and are comfortable with. I like the idea of organizing your writing by year, because that will probably make it interesting for people to look through and track your progression as a writer.
    I also think the idea of having pictures and linking to your writing as a slideshow will be a great addition to the portfolio. Sounds like you’re doing great, and that you made a good choice to change platforms!

  2. Wix is an awesome choice – I think I’ll definitely switch to using Wix instead of WordPress for my portfolio because there are just so many awesome ways to customize the sites that WordPress definitely does not offer.

    It sounds like the way you plan to use images and navigation is very clear and well thought-out, and it seems like it should work pretty well! I like the way you are planning on organizing your writing as well – by year in college – but maybe you could even add another tab for work that you’ve done outside of school!

  3. Hey Jason! I definitely agree with your point about adding pictures to each piece of writing- I was planning on doing the same thing! It just adds depth and makes it more interesting for the viewer to look at. I think it will really add to their perception of you.

    Also, I’m really starting to think I should have checked out Wix, because it sounds really cool. And you have all your tabs figured out! You talked about how you like simplicity, which I think really fits this project, just because you want your actual work to draw the viewer in, not the decoration on the page. Anyway, your tabs really fit this and it will be easy to map out your progress from Freshman year.

    What do you plan to use on the “Home” page to draw your reader in???

  4. Jason, I made the switch to Wix and it changed my life. It’s so easy to work with. The templates look cool. You can really do anything with it – and it’s free. I spent a while with wordpress and it didn’t work out. I’m glad you saw the light.

    Great idea with the formating. I’m actually doing the exact same thing with photographs and pieces of writing. Each photo on my portfolio corresponds to a writing selection. This is a fun way to interact with the portfolio. I think it makes browsing more interesting for you and your teacher.

  5. I’m also using Wix and I’ve also been trying to focus on a clean cut, simple layout. I completely agree with you that sometimes the most simple layouts can have the most impact. Even though colors and bells and whistles can capture attention, sometimes they can be a little distracting, almost like information overload. The simplistic sometimes centers on the message more too without pulling attention away at all the other side details

    I chose Wix for many of the same reasons and the templates are really interesting to work with since they can be altered for any subject that you want. It’s interesting how you’ve laid out your portfolio by year and I think, looking back, it might show some key ways your writing has developed from year to year which would be pretty incredible to see. It’s an engaging idea that allows you to measure your own change while also providing a platform for reflection later on. Overall, it sounds like you’ve got a good outline for your portfolio and I’m excited to see how it turns out.

  6. Same with me on switching to wix, it has a cool look to it and I think its harder to format but gives better features. I’m also trying out the pictures with the sections, but am struggling to find my own pictures with each section to avoid that whole mess with fair use. Hope its all going well and can’t wait to see it!

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