ePortfolio Update!

I’m pretty excited with how my e-Portfolio is turning out so far. I’m happy with the layout, fonts, and navigation; they’re all pretty close to what I had in mind when I drew the storyboard for it. It’s simple, but still aesthetically pleasing (I hope, let me know what you guys think).

My ePortfolio is based on the idea that identity can be defined in multiple ways, so I’m exploring the facets that make me unique/interesting and contribute largely to who I am. We can’t accurately define ourselves without considering all the issues, events, people, and ideas that influence us and my page will give the viewers a glimpse of some of the things that are important to me. My navigation bar will read: Home, Writting 220, Social/World Issues (this may be renamed), Food, and Personal. Each category has it’s own landing page on which I provide a brief description of what the pieces in that category are about and why they are important to me. I also included button links to the pieces (so that the reader can easily access them without having to return to the navigation bar) and subcategories (only applicable to the topic “Racism” which is listed under Social/World Issues).┬áHere is a glimpse of one of the category landing pages:

ePortfolio Preview

I want to make the point that the part of me that cares about social issues is not separate from the part of me that cares about food; we are who we are because of how these seemingly different parts of us connect, interact, and influence each other. At the moment, I have 9 additional pieces (I will probably cut a few out, but for now, they’re all uploaded), but they are not each listed under just one tab. For example, in one of my pieces, titled “Oh, How the Times Have Changed… Or Not,” I compare and analyze 2 Asian cookbooks. It seems like this paper should belong under “Food” but I’ve also listed it under the subtab “Racism” under “Social/World Issues.” In the paper, I connect how the recipes relate to racism and stereotypes in the 1950s and the present. I want it to be clear that the things that are important to me affect all aspects of my life, whether directly or indirectly. I want to show how these seemingly unconnected writing pieces can come together to reveal who I am.

I’m still working formatting the papers and footnotes, as most of the pieces are academic, which is taking awhile since some of them are pretty long, but I’ll probably just sit down one day soon and get it all done all at once. I’m also working on the reflective notes, which are proving to be a bit harder than I expected, but again, I think I’ll just need a day to really just sit, think, and articulate my thoughts on identity and writing.


5 thoughts to “ePortfolio Update!”

  1. Hey Sophia! I would definitely agree with you that this blog is aesthetically pleasing. The colors and the image you chose for the cover page give your portfolio an immediately relaxing vibe. I also like how different your tab titles are compared to the standard ones of ‘written work’ or ‘creative work,’ like my tabs say. I am already intrigued to see what you have in store under food as well as social/world issues. I think having them all lined up on the top of your page definitely accomplishes what you want it to–that all of these components are not separate entities, but all work together to make you, you! I really like where you are going with this! Good luck!

  2. First of all, I want to say how awesome your blog looks aesthetically. It’s streamlined, modern and gorgeous. The “theme” of your blog is really interesting, and I do think the idea that we have “separate selves” is something that needs to be torn down. I can’t wait to see your final project!

  3. Nice work knowing exactly what you want and then making it happen! Your blog draws me right in, as does your writing in this post. I can tell that you’re a good writer, and I’m excited to see your finished product!

  4. I love your cover photo with the Sweetland pen! Your handwriting is so neat too haha. I also like how your papers are fluid between tabs. You’re not sticking your writing into certain boxes and it definitely shows how it is an aspect of your life that transcends the boundaries between work, play, etc. Keep up the good work!

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