ePortfolios, Finals, and Beaches

Finals. Isn’t it funny how the word “sin” is in there if you move around some letters and ignore most of the other ones?

Reflecting back, this semester has really come full circle. Welcome Week I got a lot of headaches and they are all starting to come back (maybe for different reasons).

Another shining example of the finale of this semester is my ePortfolio. Rereading all of my work from Writing 220 has been interesting. Writing as a process has become so evident in all of my proposals, outlines, and drafts. My ideas have wandered further than my expectations for any Michigan athletic team this year, and the journey is truly amazing (in regards to writing not sports.)

The theme of my ePortfolio, Life is a Beach. Bitch, I meant Bitch, accurately encompasses each of my pieces for this course. My Why I Write incorporates my tweets of the past, most of which describe unfortunate situations that were not funny at the time, but are hilarious to look back on. My Remediation is a satirical newspaper that criticizes ridiculous things people do at the University of Michigan. Finally, my Repurposing project, in collaboration with Beixi, includes strangers’ reflections on past mistakes. Each piece uniquely intertwines some reason for why life sometimes sucks. However, they also stress the importance of not taking life too seriously and allowing yourself to take humor out of every situation.

Feel free to check out the progress of my ePortfolio here.

And try not to stress out too much this holiday, I mean finals, season. Make life your beach!

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