When I look over at the work I have completed so far for the Minor in Writing Gateway course, every assignment revolved around my parents in some way or another. The first assignment I wrote which discussed my passion for writing, described how my parents heavily influenced both my desire to write as well as the style that I write in. The second and third assignments were both homages to my father’s hometown, one written document and another digital project. If someone who did not know me were to look over all the assignments I had done, they would see that I greatly love and respect my family and maybe even miss them slightly because every assignment I produce has to do with them. And this is really just the oddest concept to me, because a lot of what I say about my family in friendly conversation is anything but admirable. I usually am complaining to my friends about how my family is not supportive of me and how they often have very little patience or time for me. I mean the entire reason why I moved from Los Angeles to Michigan for university was because I wanted to get away from my family because they were driving me crazy back home. I wanted to develop a life independent of them and formulate an opinion of myself and the world that is separate from their criticisms. Now that I am in Michigan, my family continues to force their negative and impatient opinions on me whenever we have the opportunity to talk on the phone. So it is weird to think that all of my assignments have revolved around them and in a way been a representation of how much I admire them even through the difficult and challenging relationship that we hold.

Kidada Malloy

Sophomore, 25 years old, originally from Los Angeles, half English/half American, half Black/half White, interested in Public Policy

One thought to “Family?”

  1. Quite a paradox! There is something profound regarding family relationships. They are impossible to live with but even more impossible to live without. I have talked about this idea in my papers in this course as well. There is something about each and every prompt that brings out these raw and unavoidable topics. I totally get it, and though it’s hard to talk about, it is therapeutic to write about it. I want to hear more about this defiance against your family, because it shows your strength and your individuality! I really enjoyed this.

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