First Upload into Eportfolio

I’ve finally copied my repurposing paper onto my eportfolio, worked out the kinks of all the links, decided on a layout, color, font, size, and now it’s up there.!stories/cnhu

It’s amazing how much time I need when I’m given so many choices. Just choosing the proper layout for my story pages and how I wanted them displayed took a good half hour. Did I want the pages to show directly? How many transitions did I want and how many table of contents? Rather than cluttering one page, I decided to keep it simple on each page but with many pages. There are so many details and facets to change, I’m not sure I’ll ever be done tweaking the colors, changing the pictures, or finding a layout, but it feels good to see your own site up and running, with pieces that have gone through drafts and are now officially available over the Internet.

But what I’m really interested in, is their really a difference between reading on paper and reading on a screen? You always hear people who say, “I’m old fashioned, I like turning the pages of a book, feeling pen and paper.” Is this just a habit or is there something more to it? Having a physical piece to handle may make it more tangible, more real, more relatable? Or is the internet, with our eportfolios as an example, a way to counteract this movement, to show that things can be just as real and it doesn’t matter what the medium is? How do we get those who are not familiar with this new age of technology, comfortable with everything that is out there? Maybe it’s evolution, gradually, the only people left will be those that grew up with computers and screens and the time of paper and pens will be something like a myth. A time of books that had real pages, pens that had real ink, and children who didn’t understand the meaning of “eportfolio.”

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  1. Oy. I have a Kindle but I’m also one of those people who holds a connection to physical books, I think just for the convenience and knowing that my battery will never be low and I can flip back to different parts with ease, but I feel like as time goes by these little preferences will be addressed as the software advances even more. More pragmatically, though, my dad’s vision is getting worse as he gets older so with his computer and e-books he can just make the font larger and retain all the functionality. My cousins read bedtime stories on their iPads now which completely blows my mind. And there’s a whole mess of software we haven’t really tapped into for enrichment for kids, not replacing teachers but acting more as interactive homework in a way. I want to say it’s less of an evolution but rather an alternative, or an addition, but then I start wondering how far we really will push technology to cut costs and increase efficiency (maybe we will end up replacing teachers? you hear about those huge colleges who offer some classes exclusively online because of administrative costs). Lots of food for thought here, thanks for provoking all these questions 🙂

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