For Minors: Great & Cool Writing Opportunity, Life in Letters


For those of you not in my writing section, I work for the Center for Campus Involvement and one of my co-workers is putting on a really awesome event called Life in Letters.

It is a great chance to write something different and that you can be creative with and have them read out loud at the event. Here are all the details and feel free to contact Jasmine with any questions!!



  • Love letter to a significant other
  • Warm letter to a family member
  • Description of an dramatic event in your life
  • Description of an important memory from childhood


Prompt :

Use these various topics and extensive detail to write a letter! These letters will be read and if chosen will be re-enacted by UofM Theater Majors at an event in January. There may be a brief discussion after each letter on the emotions expressed in writing and captured during re-enactment. This discussion may be in a comparison and contrast format.

Please keep the letters at a PG-13 please! So this means no extreme explicit content.


Due Date :

Please email me your letter by Friday December 13, 2013 by 6:00pm.

Email address is


Jessica Golden

My name is Jessica Golden and I am an East Coast girl currently stuck in the snowy Midwest at the University of Michigan. I am now a student at Michigan due to tearing my ACL the week before my soccer recruitment and picking a college at whim, but so far it has worked out. I have two older sisters who live in New York City just like I plan too. Living on Long Island for my whole life has been like a bubble, and with no broken bones, no pets and no walks down a red carpet, I definitely feel ready to be a sponge, soak up life and do whatever comes along. Although I have never experienced typical things, like learning to ride a bike or attend sleep away camp, I enjoy finding the weird things in my life and embracing it all. I have lived in a hotel for 7 months (which is nothing like TV makes it seem), am on a quest to spend a day in all 50 states (current count is 26) and managed to sprain my ankle while climbing the Vatican in Rome. While my world is slowly expanding in Ann Arbor, my eyes are still set on returning to the big apple one day and changing the world (for the better) one lawsuit or public policy at a time!

4 thoughts to “For Minors: Great & Cool Writing Opportunity, Life in Letters”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about this Jess! I actually love writing letters, from handwritten thank you notes to longer letters expressing appreciation for someone just because. The other day my dad sent me a note (super random for him because the only letters I’ve ever gotten from him were birthday cards) just kind of encouraging me in school and writing me about how I have big things ahead of me in life. It completely turned my day around and was just a great moment. I’ll be taking advantage of this opportunity to pay it forward!

  2. Katie- That is wonderful and so cute! I am sure now with your inspiration your letter will be fantastic!

    Hi Aaron- Yes! anyone is welcome to attend the event or submit one or more pieces of writing! =)

  3. This is really awesome that you put this out here for everyone, Jess! I really hope it helps Jasmine out (which it looks like it will.) It’s interesting to think about how we all interconnect on this campus. There are so many things going on around town that it’s easy to forget how much we all cross paths. Networking like this is such a great idea to get others involved and to create that smaller campus feel.

    Anyway, great marketing strategy as well! Rachel would be so proud 🙂

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