For You, Boston.

As a devote Boston Red Sox fan, I cannot go more than 90 seconds without shouting “#WorldChampions!” Let us all just take a moment and let the Fall Classic win soak into the depths of our souls. (Pause, pause, long meaningful pause.) Didn’t that feel great?

The raged, full-bearded group from Beantown brought home the World Series trophy and humanity rejoiced. They don’t own razors and we love that (or hate it). After all, they #WonToday with those forest chins.

And I give you another example of sport being more than a game, a game being longer than nine innings, but a length of unrestricted Time: a city’s legacy.

Here’s to the good guys, the BoSox, and to a city with the best heart. Here’s to victory anthems, mostly made of 140 characters, that celebrate to heal.


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