Hi, it’s me.

In this weeks post, we are told to talk about something a reader wouldn’t know yet about us given the minor in writing class. I actually wasn’t sure what I have shared with the class. I feel like I’ve oddly gotten to know some of these people pretty well given the allotted time that we have spent together and I love it. So I guess here is me (kind of)  in the few words that I assume my friends would describe me as.

1) WHALES. Yes, Whales. And if you don’t love them…get out (Kidding, kinda)

You might think i’m kidding but I have a very odd obsession with whales and I’m not sure where it came from. Their ginormous body structure and movements through the ocean intrigue me. Their beautiful songs calm me. They are just majestic. I’m just always amazed every time I see a picture of a whale or hear sounds of one. My ultimate dream is to swim with whales (sorry dolphins, you’re overrated).


Mm…hello goodness. Chocolately, squishy, (preferably) warm goodness. I will NEVER EVER DENY the brownie. Scoot over cake, cupcakes, scones, and any other type of dessert because the brownie is the one for me. If you’re trying to bribe me or get me in one of the best moods ever… you know exactly what to get me. If I reject the brownie…that’s when sometimes is really wrong with me and everyone knows it.


Franks, Sriracha, Chalula….Nuff said.


America is no homeland for me. Jerusalem is my place of birth and it’s pretty frickin awesome. I have a dual citizenship which honestly is not always the best. Because I am a israeli citizen, I am limited to some of the countries I can travel to and it’s quite unfortunate. Also, if I want to visit israel, I need to obtain military deferment papers to ensure that I don’t get drafted in the IDF and I can’t stay there for more than 3 months. So there’s that.


Before you go off with your vegetarian comments, let me tell you, i’m used to being harassed for being a vegetarian. I  really don’t care if you eat meat and I don’t care if you don’t eat meat. It’s just a lifestyle choice, ya feel?

Honestly, I think all five of those things summarize me pretty well. Although they are small and I’m sure I can find more riveting things about me…those are the first things that came to mind and how I would assume my friend would describe me. How does this relate to the minor? I have no idea but that’s what I got. Let me know if you figure it out.


Lior Press

Whale lover, wolverine at heart. Give me brownies and I will love you forever. “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”- Bob Marley

4 thoughts to “Hi, it’s me.”

  1. Sometimes small things are the best things about a person! This was a really unique way to talk about yourself and I liked it. I already know you like Whales, and I’m on page with you about the brownies. Being an Israeli citizen (or dual citizenship in general) is pretty cool and obviously the challenges that face you in that respect can come through in a lot of your writing depending on the topic.

  2. This is an interesting approach to showing us who you are as a person. I liked it because it gave us a small snapshot of the things you enjoy and who you are which helps give us a little background when reading your writing. I’m right there with you with the hot sauce gotta have it on everything.

  3. Hey, we didn’t have this assignment in my class, but it is fun to read even if I don’t know you! What I liked most was the part about the whales, because who the heck doesn’t like whales? Secondly, I like the vegetarian part because I am also a veggie eater now. Crazy for me to say that because I was eating tons of meat only 6 months ago. And I have been oddly surprised by some of the negative feedback I have received from random people! I never see it coming, but its like I offended them by being a vegetarian. When I ate meat I never felt that way toward veggie eaters, I kinda felt sorry for them but never messed with them. Anyway just wanted to relate.

  4. Patrick– did we just become best friends…or did we just become best friends?

    People really under estimate the whales and I love that you can share this passion with me!

    Ignore the haters because they just don’t understand. Not all vegetarians are crazy like they tend to generalize. I hope your veggie adventures have been fun and rewarding! I know when I first started out it was kind of hard to get used to but after about 2 weeks it was a breeze. I felt so much healthier after I stopped. Just make sure you’re getting all your vitamins 😉

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