I just found a wordpress site that looks way cooler than my e-portfolio will…

…It’s by this guy, Olly Sorsby, who does web design stuff (so I guess it makes sense that a web designer can make a better site than me. His website was technically made using the wordpress platform, but he’s made it work for him and his company/brand. Basically, he designs websites, logos, and even print resources.

And I found that all out just by looking at his main page.

I liked that the main page was pretty simple, with a picture of a guy at his computer and the words “Digital Craftsman” written across the middle of the picture, though those words slowly fade away as you scroll down (I’m definitelynot sure how to do that on wordpress…or anywhere).

One thing I really liked though was that below that picture, there were images of projects he’s worked on. When you scroll over the pictures, words pop up over the picture that say what it is. This is what I thought was really a smart idea organizationally for the blog.

I liked that the page was still pretty minimal looking, and that it included a bunch of pictures. But rather than just having pictures and leaving people unsure of what the pictures are, or just having text which isn’t exactly exciting to look at, there’s both. By making text appear when you scroll over a picture, we get an explanation of what we’re clicking on, but we also see a pretty picture.

I don’t know how easy it is to do that with wordpress, but I thought that was a pretty cool way of presenting resources.

Yona Isaacs

Hello :) I'm a BCN major (that's Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience...obnoxiously long name, I know) here at the University of Michigan, as well as an Applied Statistics minor-- and a Writing minor, of course! I'm involved in Psychology research and spend a lot of my "free" time doing that. I also recent-ish-ly started learning to play the ukulele, so that's cool. Oh, and I once smashed a huge whole in a wall with my butt. That was about 6 years ago, but I haven't done anything nearly as impressive since. Still hoping to follow it up with something great!

4 thoughts to “I just found a wordpress site that looks way cooler than my e-portfolio will…”

  1. All of these WordPress blogs look totally doable and the funny thing is really going to be when we are all sleeping in the library for a week straight because we can’t seem to create a visually-appealing header. This is such a cool blog and I loved the disappearing effects that happen when you scroll down. I am sure it is next to impossible to recreate but again, doesn’t hurt to dream! You should definitely try to incorporate the elements you found interesting, like the roll-over text idea, into your blog. Also, incorporating pictures in blogs always increase my curiosity and attention so its something to think about!

  2. I love the roll-over text idea! Very modern and innovative. Alot of ad agencies have been doing that and really makes their websites look sharp (not that you are anything like an Ad agency but in a way you are selling yourself on this website). I feel like you can definitely incorporate a lot of these into your design and create a layout that you are really proud of. I found and very much agree that simple, most of the time, is so much better.

  3. COooooOOL blog! I love and simple and minimalist this blog is. It is really modern looking like Lior said. Thanks for bringing my attention to Olly Sorsby!

  4. Graphic design blogs like this are sweet because they obviously put so much work into presentation! Just from his website, I’m already filled with confidence in Olly Sorsby’s work, even with his picture-book name. And that’s really what this e-portfolio is about: learning how to get people to want to invest their time in your work just from a webpage. This Sorsby guy is a master at that, so I think we should all take some tips from him! I especially like how he talks about keeping design simple, even though clearly so much work has gone into his minimalism. We have a lot to learn!

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