iMovie Basics #TechChallenge

So I have a small bit of experience with iMovie, but I know I will be taking on a bigger challenge this time with what I plan to attempt. I want to make a mock video that will use similar stylistic qualities of MTV and other music interview websites but in a way that is humorous and makes a play at Pop Music Culture. To do this I plan on being the cheesy MTV interviewer and I will go around campus and talk to students about Pop Music.

For my tech challenge, I decided I need to learn more about iMovie. I got onto Youtube and like expected I found loads of informational videos there for free. First, I checked out, which I know is another great resource, but it required payment so I backed off. Maybe I heard this wrong, but do U of M students get access to for free somehow? If anyone knows I would really appreciate a comment on here about that. But the youtube videos were quick at showing some pretty advanced tricks that I plan to take advantage of. I didn’t consider using a pre-designed format until now, such as the action movie format. But it could be useful for my video, or I could look at how that template is designed to find tricks in mine. After finding these youtube videos, I feel I should have no problem putting together a decent video, the bigger challenge will be storyboarding and executing with limited time.

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