Introducing My Portfolio (kind of)

My portfolio is going to be showcasing the work that I am most proud of. I originally planned on doing personal, professional and academic work, however as I’ve been working on it I think a new organization is necessary. I have mostly academic work and a little professional work that I would want to be showing other people. While I think it’s important other people see my personal side, I think that will come out in some of my pieces and my reflections enough. I’ll be showing my press releases and articles that I wrote for my Public Relations internship at Covenant Healthcare, as well as pieces from our writing class and some previous writing classes that I have taken here at the University of Michigan.

I am really excited about the artifacts I have chosen to portray and the potential that this site will have. I hope to make it something that will be useful in my future. Therefore, I will be able to show it to future employers or people I want to inform about myself as a writer. I’m excited about how I will be portrayed through my portfolio. However, I am struggling with finding ways to make it interesting. While my pieces of writing are interesting to me or my professors, I’m not sure anyone else really cares about them. Also, I want my website to have new and innovative features to show my interest in technology and the site, meaning I’m not just putting up my artifacts to be read–the site is a piece as a whole. Hopefully I will get some feedback in class on things that are working well or not for my pieces.


Here is a link to my working portfolio if you’d like to check it out (don’t judge me, it’s a work in progress):


P.S. I haven’t done my home/about page yet. Sorry for the confusion


3 thoughts to “Introducing My Portfolio (kind of)”

  1. Hey Hannah! I love your portfolio! The colors, the fonts, the quote you chose to use for your opening page, your tabs and the neat organization of it all…all of that is really working for you! I am all about simplicity and this blog achieves that and so much more. The contrast of having a really simple theme and really complex work gives the reader a chance to breathe between each page of your portfolio. I think you are doing an awesome job so far…keep up the good work!

  2. I’m going to be honest, I had to finish reading your repurposing “How to Be a Young Professional” guide before I commented. Clearly your portfolio is very compelling! Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about having extra stuff on your portfolio, I think that your writing will be strong enough to carry the portfolio.

  3. This seems to be coming together really well! The colors are pretty soothing and it is easy to navigate. I love how your Covenant Connections articles are embedded, it ads a lot of diversity to your portfolio. Great job Hannah!

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