Kidada Brittany Malloy


My portfolio is going to highlight the connections between me and my family and how I define myself as an individual based off of the foundation that they have provided me with. My portfolio will be about how every piece I have written for the course this semester has revolved around the love hate relationship between me and my family and how the passions that I hold are largely due to their influence in my life.

I am excited to have a portfolio that is online and will represent my accomplishments as a student as well as my personal growth and achievements. I am excited to have something to look back on that will show how I have grown. I am also excited to have something that shows my connection to my parents and pays them respect. I am still struggling to figure out how I am independent of my family, like really truly independent and not just physically separate from them, but emotionally and mentally. The biggest fear I have is that even by me completing this portfolio which shows how great an influence my parents remain in my life as I am away at university, that I am showing how I truly am not independent of them and their hold over me and that I still have a lot of growth and maturing to complete. I fear that by me focusing more attention on my family that is proves more that I still need to grow individually.

Kidada Malloy

Sophomore, 25 years old, originally from Los Angeles, half English/half American, half Black/half White, interested in Public Policy

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  1. It seems that you have a very interesting and specific theme in mind. That’s great! I think in your actual execution of the portfolio you’ll find that it’s easier than you think to get across your self as an individual.
    While it seems that by focusing on your family will take away from you as yourself, we all are dependent on our family. But the fact that these are your pieces and your portfolio make it your own.
    Good luck!

  2. I think it’s awesome you have such a clear purpose, and I think it’s smart you’re addressing some of the possible downsides of the interpretation of your portfolio’s theme right away. I agree with Hannah that the fact that you have total ownership of your writing and portfolio says enough about your independence in itself. And the whole writing process and this minor are so focused on growth that I feel like your acknowledgement of your family’s influence fits right along in there. good luck!

  3. I really like the focus on family! It’s a very universal and relatable topic so I think every reader will be intrigued by your relationship with your family as family dynamics are different for everyone. It’ll be an interesting read for everyone!

  4. Hi Kidada! I love the fact that you’re using a theme to link together all of your pieces in your portfolio. I’m not personally using a theme, but I think the way you’re planning to structure your site will help give a very accessible definition of you as a person and how your family influences all of your life. Best of luck with getting everything figured out!

  5. It’s so great that you have such a clear vision for what you want to focus on this early in the planning stages. While I don’t know exactly what you have in mind, I know that this sort of family theme can definitely provide lots of different routes to go down as far as structuring or organizing your thoughts. As far as your fear of showing how non-independent you actually are from your family, I say that’s totally valid but definitely valuable for this project. It could almost be as if you are exploring the relationship between you and your parents and figuring out your role as an individual — you are maturing. I don’t think this disproves that you are independent, since you are always growing and learning new things.
    I’m really interested and excited to see your final portfolio! Best of luck!

  6. I really like this concept of how the family shapes who you are. You’re taking a stance against the fact that you are who your family is, because for some people that would be very off-putting, but instead you are shaped by the values and foundations of your family. For some people that might mean running away from bad family values, for others it could mean embracing family traditions. I am excited to see how this turns out!

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