Life in Color

This was my first experience with WordPress and I must say, it took me quite a bit of time to find a blog that resonated with me.

And then, all of a sudden, I found TornoBambino, also known as Childagain. This blog immediately caught my attention because it is so colorful. Its graphics and texts are big and stimulating, allowing the color to be so filled with life and purpose.

Included on this blog are dynamic features and links that lead you to different pages and videos. In the video, there is a line that says: “Welcome to our creative world, full of colors, games and music.” I love this, and how their blog speaks to this in so many ways. With a focus on selling and marketing their professional careers, this website does so much more. It takes their web design business and makes it relatable because the characters of those involved are so well expressed in the blog and its design. The blog’s organizational strategy is a simple flow of the page with links that take you to different parts of the blog that discuss different features, like clients, projects, new innovations etc. The separation between links showcases how many different elements are involved in the business as a whole, while at the same time, showing how they all seamlessly flow together to create one focus.

In many ways, I live a creative life. I write, I paint, I sing and I feel like I could create a blog that encompasses all of those elements, just like this one does. ┬áIts not just informative, but its happy. Tell me, what’s better than that?


3 thoughts to “Life in Color”

  1. Creativity literally makes a blog. I say if you can bring all aspects of the creativity that you already have then do it! Especially with your tumblr blog, I feel like you can bring in a lot of stuff that you did with it to your new blog. I’m really excited to see how you incorporate your many talents into this one!

    also- NOTHING IS BETTER THAN HAPPINESS (except for maybe brownies, whales, and puppies..but that leads to happiness).

  2. This blog was so cool! And really fun and colorful, like you said.
    I love the top with the picture of the two kids in the grass, looking at it just made me feel nostalgic and happy (and also made me miss having grass/weather warm enough for lying in grass).
    I also thought it was cool that everything was in circles. There’s just something inviting about circles. Maybe it’s because it’s like “hey, we’re letting you into this circle/portal/world of awesomeness,” or maybe it’s just because they’re round, but whatever it was I was diggin it.
    I think it would be so great if you can find a way to make your e-portfolio really express your multi-faceted creativity. It’ll just make it all the more exciting/ appealing if you can integrate all these different “arts” that you do so that your blog shows different sides of you and is more colorful (maybe literally and figuratively) because of it!

  3. Wow, I feel like my computer screen literally isn’t big enough for this website. I especially love how, like you said, the personalities of the bloggers come through so clearly! You have such a wonderful big personality that I can’t wait to see how you work that in creatively with your e-portfolio.
    How do you think you’ll encompass those different aspects of your creativity? I guess the writing aspect is pretty straightforward, and you could use your painting as the visual backdrop, but it will be an interesting creative challenge to see how to work singing into the picture! You can definitely do it though, and it’ll be great.

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