Lorna Goodison- How I Write

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the Sweetland Center for Writing’s How I Write serious featuring Lorna Goodison. The audience was treated to the author’s reading of her own poetry from her most recent book and answering of some questions from the audience.

Lorna is Jamaican, which caused for an interesting reading as her accent added flavor to her poems spoken aloud. On the same note, she talked about many different places and cultures across the world. The entire reading felt like an exotic experience, not only inspiring me to write about the places I go, but making me feel as if I had been the places she talked about.

It seemed that she wrote about many things that simply interested her, mostly items that came from her heritage. She wrote about Africans or Christopher Columbus, as a kind of homage for what her history has done for her now.

This reading was a great experience and I’d be interested to see how other authors come off in the same context

2 thoughts to “Lorna Goodison- How I Write”

  1. I’m so mad I couldn’t go to this! I had a mandatory meeting for my major. Blech.

    This sounds like it was a really informative and interesting experience. I want to try to go to the next event in this series.

    What places do you think you’ll write about that you have been to?

  2. Often when I go to readings like this I get a little depressed about my lack of talent and, in this case, the slight number of places that I’ve been over the course of my life.
    I’m really glad that you came away from this talk with a positive attitude though, and that you could see her writing and reading as a reflection of her amazing talent.
    Next time, I’m going to have to go to one of these!

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