Multiple-Choice Agony

Something you don’t know about me? Well, this should be good.

I am absolutely convinced that multiple-choice exams are the devil reincarnated. I can’t take them; I have never been able to take them. There is something about the four options, all confusing and filled with deception, that throw me off, no matter how prepared I am to take the exam. I am a good student (I think), I put forth a lot of effort and make sure to study way in advance of any exam (I think), and still, I am always rewarded with less-than-mediocre grades to show for my time and effort. Now, HOW in the world is this related to the Minor in Writing Course and my experience thus far in the program? Knowing how terribly bad I am at multiple choice exams has forced me to swallow my pride and realize that there are some things I will never be good at. On the other hand, having to overcompensate for my awful test taking abilities, I have had to push myself to become a writer that I can be proud of.

And so, in search of work that I could look back fondly at in ten years time, I realized last year that I needed to take my existing writing skills and turn them into something admirable. In that moment, I applied to the minor, and to my great surprise, got in!

Now, you’re wondering (or maybe not), don’t you still have to take multiple-choice exams for your psychology major? Yes, yes I do and it is a dreadful, scary, painful and often nightmare-producing experience each and every time.  So, to make it less painful, I make sure that at the completion of every multiple-choice exam, I do something that makes me proud of myself, like write or paint or sing. Something; anything. Yes, that is how I sleep at night.

2 thoughts to “Multiple-Choice Agony”

  1. Anna, it’s so much better to be a good essay writer than a good test-taker! Essays show so much more of a useful thought process than multiple choice ever could, and I’m saying that as one of those awful people who’s always been able to ace multiple choice exams without actually knowing anything. Writing is where the new and the innovative comes out, and it’s awesome that you’re able to do that so well! Based on what I’ve read of your stuff, you definitely have produced admirable pieces that you can “look back fondly at in ten years time”

  2. It’s funny, I used to have a lot of trouble with multiple choice tests too. Luckily, I learned to just cover up the 4 options and try to answer the questions right away from my mind. Anyways, I think that having a creative outlet after taking a test is a neat way to relieve stress! I might have to give that a shot

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