My Roomie the Blogger


The blog that I am interested one is one that I’m basically forced to look at– that of my roommate!! She is also a Minor in Writing Student but this blog is one she does for fun. Most of her writing is done at like 3 AM when she feels quickly inspired after several hours of Netflix.


The purpose of the blog in one word would be expression. While her blog posts do go under categories like lessons or humor, they are mostly just her funny stories summarized up for entertainment for others. it is super aesthetically pleasing because every post includes pictures and is well formatted. The article titles are catchy and engaging and everything about this blog from its ridiculous stories to the fact that it actually exists makes it one that really interests me because it is so unique.


In terms of an organizational strategy, I think the broader the categories the better for blogs that are expressive. Just like on our MIW blog, where we can make it into gateway and our cohort, her blog has those kind of hashtag sort of things to file the articles in. The top even have a slideshow of some popular articles which is a great way to begin scanning through categories as you click through!

Jessica Golden

My name is Jessica Golden and I am an East Coast girl currently stuck in the snowy Midwest at the University of Michigan. I am now a student at Michigan due to tearing my ACL the week before my soccer recruitment and picking a college at whim, but so far it has worked out. I have two older sisters who live in New York City just like I plan too. Living on Long Island for my whole life has been like a bubble, and with no broken bones, no pets and no walks down a red carpet, I definitely feel ready to be a sponge, soak up life and do whatever comes along. Although I have never experienced typical things, like learning to ride a bike or attend sleep away camp, I enjoy finding the weird things in my life and embracing it all. I have lived in a hotel for 7 months (which is nothing like TV makes it seem), am on a quest to spend a day in all 50 states (current count is 26) and managed to sprain my ankle while climbing the Vatican in Rome. While my world is slowly expanding in Ann Arbor, my eyes are still set on returning to the big apple one day and changing the world (for the better) one lawsuit or public policy at a time!

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  1. The slideshow idea could be really engaging for the viewer- It would make the entire page more dynamic! It also reminded me when you were talking about the hashtag type things, you could even include twitter feeds on the side bar to things relevant to your interests. Also, I laughed about the netflix 3 am comment…I totally understand how that is. I get all of my ideas of course when I’m just about too tired to stay awake.

  2. Sounds like a neat blog. I think the biggest thing about having a successful blog is they they’re entertaining and enjoyable. You mention that you’re friend’s blog is aesthetically pleasing and has funny stories. Well, if you can have both of those things in you’re MIW blog then I think you’re halfway to an awesome blog

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