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I suppose you could call it a #techchallenge, because I decided to try my hand at making a survey for my project. My main goal is to prove to the magazine Cosmopolitan that a little work needs to be done to the magazine. I’ve done a lot of research so far about products in the magazine, celebrity influences, and the editors, but I still need a little bit information on the demographic of the readers and their ideas on the magazine. In my survey I ask about the magazine and introduce some ideas geared towards what I want to take out and add to the magazine. The site I am using is really awesome and was recommended by Sarah (once again, I wish we could make a shout-out to people on here, or maybe we can and I just don’t know it. Another challenge…).

Kwiksurveys allows you to see what states have responded and automatically creates charts for which responses are the most popular. It’s great for anyone looking to show statistics on slides for a presentation or to get quick answers from the public on a topic. Perfect for a proposal!

So far, I have a good amount of people that have responded to the survey, but I could use all the help I can get. The survey link is below (again, yes I am desperate) and I promise it only take a few minutes. Happy  blogging, and a big thank you for your help!

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