No more excuses

You know those times when people tell you to just go with the flow or to just let life happen? Well, last night I took their advice. I was offered a free ticket to a Pink concert through my bar. We did a Redbull promotion challenge and me and another coworker got offered the tickets (funny that 2 of the only 4 girls that work at Rick’s were the ones offered the tickets…) I am so happy I said yes. I had a lot of hesitation about going- I wasn’t a Pink fan, it was a Wednesday night, and every other excuse in the book. But what I’ve learned from this incredibly fun and liberating experience is that I need to stop having excuses and just go with it. Stop waiting around for things and just say yes. There is no reason to write something off just because you think you don’t like it or it doesn’t seem like its your style. Just go with it, and life will happen on its own.


Pink is sick


Pink is absolutely incredible live by the way. Highly suggest it, because I am now a fan.


2 thoughts to “No more excuses”

  1. I’m totally not a Pink fan, but I have heard her concerts are really fun and theatrical. So shocking that they only gave the free tickets to the females at Rick’s… 🙂

    This is super ironic because I just got offered Hunter Hayes tickets for Sunday night but none of my friends can go because they have meetings/exams. Maybe I’ll just forward this to them and see if it will change their mind…

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