Overwhelming Options

There are about 101 ways to upload your artifacts onto the E-Portfolios. You could just paste the text directly in, you could link to an upload, you could link to a page, you could link to just about anything.

Why I Write on E-Portfolio

I’ve tried a couple of different ways to do this with my Why I Write and the Re-Purposing essay. The Why I Write is a creative piece and isn’t that long so I pasted that one right into the page. I think it’s working pretty well so far. I’m not sure if I’ll add any media to this page; although if I do, I might have to move some things on the page around. Due to it’s pretty short length though, I thought pasting it directly in would be most user-friendly.

Unfortunately, my Re-Purposing is a 19 page research paper about Views on Body Image and Sexuality. There was no way I could just paste this into the page. I thought for a little while about what would be best for this. I also thought about generally how research papers are presented on Google Scholars or on the library’s website. Usually, you get a little tidbit, like the abstract or a paragraph from the intro, and then you are linked to downloading the rest of the paper or to a pdf. Therefore, on my re-purposing page of my E-portfolio, I decided to paste directly the Abstract section and the first paragraph of the Introduction. At the bottom of that info, I put a hyperlink that says “Read More” that links you to a GoogleDoc of the entire paper.

After looking at some other E-Portfolios and getting some other ideas of what others are doing, I’m not totally loving this idea anymore. I think you have to log into Google to read it (maybe) and that’s not the most accessible it could be. I’m thinking potentially taking screenshots of each page and uploading them into a slideshow on that page might be better. Potentially I would still keep the link so that a reader could also see the whole thing on a doc. Does anyone have thoughts on that?

Click here to see exactly what I’m talking about. Choose the Projects tab and then subsequently “Why I Write” and “Re-Purposing.”

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