Storyboarding Excitement!

Before I began my storyboard today, I have to admit that I was really not looking forward to it.  Partly because I am horrible at drawing, so I was worried about the scribbles making sense to other people, and also partly because I still hadn’t made a decision about sticking with a video or creating a website.  I decided to finally just start drawing out a flowchart for a video (since it’s the medium that I really wanted to work with from the beginning) and go from there.

Thinking about all of the different features of the video (shots, titles, voiceovers, sounds in the background, still photos, etc.) was really daunting and a bit difficult at first.  However, after the first few frames I really started to enjoy making tentative decisions about the video and thinking about the cool and interesting things that I could hopefully do with my footage.  My video is basically going to be a very short “tour” around campus featuring 4 resources (though there are also many more!) including MESA, Trotter Multicultural Center, the IGR program, as well as housing initiatives and the DPE program (especially since this video is geared toward freshmen students).

full storyboard


I can honestly say that I am so so SO  grateful for this storyboard — it has really motivated me to work with iMovie no matter how difficult it may be.  I’m really interested to work more hands on with this technology and create this video!  The video’s “tour” theme will consist of me going to different places around campus, and will include videos, photos, and interviews from different individuals who have experiences with the different places/programs.  Overall, I have a good vision in mind because of this planning, so I hope to start shooting near the end of this week/this weekend.  Hopefully I can have majority of my footage shot by next Monday, and put it all together by the time that the rough draft is due!

My only concern right now is whether or not my storyboard will live up to my expectations.  I have a lot of different things going on in my life and a lot of projects starting to be due coming up, so putting everything together is sure to be a challenge by next Thursday.  But I’m sure that everything will work out eventually!  I’m excited to see what I and everyone else in class will complete!

#Techchallenge turned #techfailure

Because I got so excited by last Tuesday’s class about my remediation project and the possibilities out there, I ran right over to ISS afterwards to check out a video camera. It was extremely easy and the people working the desk were so nice and helpful. I picked up the camera on Friday and the girl who was there when I picked it up handed me a checklist and a big camera bag and said, “Just go through and make sure everything’s there and sign at the bottom.”

I looked at her like, “Uh, okay?”

Opening the big camera bag was the first struggle. Yeah, I know, it’s only a clip and a zipper, but I was so excited to pick it up that I must not have been thinking clearly.

Then, there were 4 different compartments and about 17 things on the checklist. After staring into the bag of goodies for a solid minute and not moving, the girl laughed and asked if I wanted help. I told her I had no idea what I was doing, but thankfully she went through and told me what each piece was and how to use it. Then she explicitly told me to put in the battery when I got home before I used it. Yeah, yeah. Obviously; otherwise it won’t work. Got it.

However, when I got home, I did not put in the battery. But it worked, so who cares right? Well, I should have. Because then it died and when I went to put in that stupid little battery, I literally had zero clue on where it went. I opened up every little compartment of that handheld camera and not one spot fit. Luckily, there was a power cord so I charged it up and continued to play around with it and take pictures and videos of random things around my apartment. It was a jolly time.

Unfortunately, these things can only be checked out for 3 days, so I had to return it on Monday at 10am. I had an interview scheduled on Sunday so I thought I’d at least get a little bit of actual footage for the video before the fun times ended. But then, my interview cancelled. So 3 days of pointless check out winded down to an end on Sunday night.

Monday morning came. Monday morning left. Monday night came. And then the “Hey, stop trying to steal our camera” email came.

Seriously? You had one task. One task, Sarah. And ya blew it. As usual.

So what was supposed to be my #techchallenge for this weekend, really just ended up failing. I mean, I guess that still counts right? You can fail a challenge, but it’s still a challenge nonetheless. Am I right?

So cheers to me and anybody else who tried and failed this weekend! Yay for technology!


However, I did get some pictures off the camera of nothing important, like this one of my roommate and me after we got our hair done. She donated 15 inches this weekend and I just went darker… for anybody who cared at all.

Fresh out of the salon with new hair.
Fresh out of the salon with new hair.


To summarize my list of fails:

I have no idea the extent of camera technology.

I still can’t find that battery compartment… I’m sure it’s in the instruction manual they gave me, but seriously, who reads those?

My interview cancelled.

I’m currently holding hostage an ISS camera bag and it’s 17 complicated contents.

… I think that’s it. For now. Here’s hoping I remember to return it tomorrow.

My Storyboard Is Making Me Hungry

Once again, I find myself getting distracted while working on the re-mediation project because all I can think about is food. It’s hard to focus when all you’d rather do is eat Veggie Straws or pasta or fries or pickles or… nonetheless, it took me awhile, but I finally have a storyboard.

It’s still a work in progress. Ignoring my lack of artistic ability, here’s a photo of how I plan to set up 4 of my ads if you were wondering what they might look like. The first is of a photo of a cabinet door open showing food vs. a cabinet with the door closed. The second is of a short, wide glass vs. a tall narrow glass. The third is of a small plate vs. a big plate with the same amount of food on both. The fourth is of food that blends in with the plate vs. food that is distinct from the plate. I am considering doing a fifth one showing a plate with a sandwich or a piece of meat vs. a  plate with the same amount but cut into smaller pieces.

I’m excited to take the photos and format them. I have the perfect image of how I want the finished product to look; I just hope I’ll be able to accomplish it. I think the thing that I’m most worried about is that the combination of images and words will not be enough to interest/inform the viewer. I’m still working on the slogans. Still struggling a bit with coming up with a concise way to get the message/info across, but I think I will be adding another line underneath each larger sentence. What do you guys think of them so far? Any feedback would be appreciated!

I hope you guys are making good progress on your storyboards too!

My First Storyboard

My First Storyboard

For my remediating project, I plan on taking the advice and information I have learned through my repurposing project ( a magazine spread on being a young professional) and turning it into an anonymous advice twitter. I have experience many of these as an avid twitter user and find them a successful medium for getting information across to girls of my age.

Creating a storyboard for this kind of project is a little bit difficult. Twitters don’t exactly tell a story, rather a string of 140 character blurbs that all apply to the same topic. Argues about our generations communication skills, please hold until the end. But I thought it would be a good idea to storyboard my story in creating this twitter. So I set out to create each step that I would take.

1) Create a “brand” – a clear idea of what the twitter should be, what it should tweet about, who would follow it, who would the twitter follow.

– this step also includes making the brand logo, the “Y.P.” thumbnail that I have drawn is the logo I use in the twitter as my twitpic

2) Create the Twitter: this includes creating the twitpic, creating a background that exemplifies the twitter persona, a description for potential followers to read, etc.

3) Follow other twitters: lots of research and keyword searching!

4) Create specific relevant tweets: from my repurposing article, including pictures as example as well as linking to other relevant articles

5) Gain followers: follow other twitters, retweet popular twitters, hashtag and link to popular, relevant ideas

6) Keep it up! : being consistent and following up on the idea is most important. Tweet well and tweet often.

While, creating a story board doesn’t have much to do with technology, as it only took a piece of paper and some colored pens, this project felt similar to a tech challenge to me. This was a new form or medium for a project than I had ever used before. I hope I did it right!




My Drawn Out Storyboard

I just figured out how to get this drawing to be the right size in here, that was a small tech challenge in itself. But this is my storyboard, which is very subject to change. I learned that you have to ask yourself a lot of questions to simply create the storyboard, so I’m glad it forced me to think through the details more thoroughly. I hope I will have the proper amount of time to create this video and make it the way I am imagining it, but if I do not, it will definitely be a simpler version of this. I need to spend some more time coming up with good questions and considering how I will phrase the argument, but it should be fun.

Some questions I am currently considering are, “What do you think the overall message in pop music is?” , “Do you think the message in Pop Music matters?” , “What Pop song do you like most?” , “What do you think the message is?” and more. I am hoping to show that Pop Music does have a message and if people are aware of it, than what do they think of it? Songs have different messages of course, but there are definitely some common styles and patterns that are used to make Pop Music that creates some overarching messages. I am a Communications major so I am interested in this ha.

Story Board Remediating copy

In The Midst of All Our Remediating Excitement…

My semester seems to be working in waves. A couple weeks ago I was swamped with tests and papers, right now I have an abundance of free time, and in another week or so I’ll be swamped once again. So last night, instead of preparing for my future work,  I obviously caught up on a couple of tv shows, scrolled through Facebook, and even cleaned my room. Then around 10 pm I sat on my bed and realized…I couldn’t think of anything to do. I’ve been a night owl for years so going to bed was out of the question. I scanned my room for ideas and my eyes fell on the The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach, a book I had started over spring term and immediately abandoned at the start of the semester.

As I started to get back into it I remembered how nice it feels to engulf yourself in a story, get to know the characters, and flip the smooth pages of a paperback book — not a blog, not a website, not an animated video — but an actual, tangible, book. In the midst of all these exciting new tech challenges and discussions about digital rhetoric there is something to be said about stopping and remembering the feeling of sitting technology-free and just relaxing with a good book.

Not to mention, if you haven’t heard of The Art of Fielding I am here to tell you it’s amazing! I was a bit unsure about it when I originally read the back, but I’m about half way through now and I love it so far. It’s Harbach’s first novel and his style of writing is engaging and exciting. He jumps nicely from character to character, and will end a chapter with a cliffhanger about one character and then make you wait several chapters until you get to read about the topic again. It’s sort of similar to the TV show Friday Night Lights in the sense that it’s based around sports (baseball, not football) but really there is so much more too it regarding the characters and relationships.

Check it out if you’re interested:


Re-Mediating Project: Pinterest Take Two

I am liking my story boarding so far. Pinterest makes it quite easy to see what the visual of your project will ultimately be, even in the earliest stages of working it out.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 8.28.16 PM

My home page is pretty much all laid out. I added a board for all of the majors – OMG there are so many here at U of M I had no idea.I may have to condense some things, like similar sciences and engineering majors, etc. We’ll see how that goes.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 8.27.35 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 8.27.50 PM


Here is an example of what most of the pages will look like. The title of the major at the top, a link to the department page as one of the pins, any internship opportunities that the department hosts through U of M as pins as well, and then potential internships. All of the pins link to the sites where the photos come from. One limitation I might have is the amount of writing that I can put in the title of each board (only 500 characters, yikes) but I anticipate with the amount of boards that I have, this might be alright. I can also always write on the pin descriptions.

Another thing I might like to incorporate are quotes from the individuals that I talked to for my previous project. I don’t know if I’ll put these quotes on the pins (kind of like inspirational quote pins) or if I’ll throw them into the captions with images of the student who said it. Decisions, decisions…

I also am thinking that it will be helpful to ‘re-pin’ between boards. This will save me soooooo much time. I also will have to look into adding other people’s pins to these boards. That choice will most likely be made after all of my personal pins are created.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 8.28.06 PM

PoliSci board is basically completed. One down, 100+ to go…


Tech Challenge – Photoshop Animation

For my Re-Mediation project I will be making a Buzzfeed-type list using animated GIFs (the looping images or video clips that are popular all over the internet), so as a technology challenge this week I wanted to experiment with creating animation in Photoshop.

I’ve used Photoshop in the past for basic editing, so I’m familiar with some of the tools and the concept of layers, but I’ve never tried to animate anything.

I started by looking up a lot of online tutorials (I liked the ones here and here) and trying them out to learn different ways to create animation.

It turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be! I’m getting really excited that I can now create my own GIFs out of photos or drawings (using video clips may take another tech challenge).

Anyway, check out my first GIF:

MarleyK GIF

Venturing into Uncharted Cyberspace: My E-Portfolio Journey


In wanting to be different, push myself, and maybe stand out a little bit, I decided that rather than use a platform like WordPress, Weebly, or Wix, I would make my e-portfolio from scratch. Over the summer, I buffed up my resume by going through the HTML and CSS tutorials on The year before, I managed to get 80% through the JavaScript one. So, not being a naturally computer science-oriented person surrounded by roommates who were computer science majors ended up taking its toll on me. I enjoyed it though. It gave me an appreciation for the inner workings of computers, just how little I knew about them, and just how much more there was that I didn’t understand. Nevertheless, with my fifty-something Codecademy badges I felt like I could conquer all of computers. Long story short, I was a bit overconfident.

That being said, I am learning a lot stumbling through HTML and CSS, referencing guides online and playing around with what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully, there resources online which prevent you from having to “recreate the wheel.” This means that there are already design layouts that you can incorporate into your CSS, so the formatting doesn’t all have to be done by hand. The cool thing is that they are completely customizable, and you can change whichever part you see fit. So far I haven’t been using one yet, but I think it’s high time I start.

I think the main reason I chose to build my e-portfolio from scratch was because I wanted a minimalist, super-easy-to-navigate site. Also for some reason I wanted to avoid drop-down menus, I think because I wanted all parts of my portfolio to be seen at once, like in a table of contents format. There is something I find inviting about a really straightforward layout; it seems honest and upfront. And it makes sense, because those qualities are a big part of what I want to communicate through the writing that I will be showcasing.

E-Portfolio Fun!

I just have to say… I have procrastinated on work for so many other classes because of this e-portfolio — it’s way too much fun!  I really enjoy putting everything together and finding pictures that I want to represent me and my work, as well as actually making sure that all of the links work and everything is in order.  I actually forgot how to upload my essays onto my page and keep them in the browser, so I was trying a bunch of different things and searching for help for about 10 minutes before I figured it out again!  (You have to link to a pdf version of the document, in case you were wondering!)  I’m really glad that this feature is available for my e-portfolio, and that it’s so easy to use — having to download a document to read it gets really annoying after a while!

Screen-shot of my e-portfolio
Part of my unfinished “Creative Non-Fiction” page

As I continue to work on my e-portfolio, I’m excited to get more in depth about the different pieces I’m using and my “About Me” section.  Right now everything is very bare and there are no descriptions (as you can see from my screen-shot), and I can’t wait to start reflecting on my writing and making the pages come to life!  Most of my links are in place for different essays, so it’s just a matter of finding an appropriate time (ie NOT when I have a paper due on Wednesday that I should be revising) to start putting everything together and continuing the fun 🙂   Hope everyone is doing awesome on your e-portfolios!  Can’t wait to see them all!