Pants Off

So Emily and I walked around Ann Arbor to collect interviews on people for our Re-mediating project for the first time today. We ask two questions, take their picture, thank them, and then do little dances of excitement as we look at how our project is growing.

I am so pleasantly surprised that people are so receptive to participating. No one we asked has declined to answer our questions or pose for a picture and everyone has taken the time to think up a real answer to our question. In the few short minutes that we have with them, their answers have shown us more of them than I think they realize and it is rewarding to get their insight, hear their opinions, and many times, their unknown advice.

This is exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this project and I am so thrilled it’s pulling together. The insight that we get from just talking to people on the street for 2 minutes maximum has me thinking about things in ways I hadn’t considered. More than 15 times today I’ve done a double take while hastily typing their answers into my phone with numb fingers, because they have managed to frame something very beautifully and very concisely about themselves.

On the flip side, we just meet some hilarious characters. We wanted a picture of one guy with his friends and they told us he just got a M tattoo on his upper thigh. He says, “Do you wan to have it in the picture?” Laughingly, I say, “Sure, why not?” thinking he was joking.

He wasn’t.

He pulls his pants down in the middle of State Street so we can take a picture of him, in his boxers, with his M tattoo.

Go blue.

2 thoughts to “Pants Off”

  1. Haha, this sounds amazing! I love talking to strangers because there’s so much you can learn about them, but I usually refrain from doing that so that I don’t come off as too forward or creepy (though like you mentioned, people are a lot more friendly and open than we think so maybe next time I’ll just go for it). I’m so glad you guys have such a good excuse to do this! I’m excited to read about the people you interviewed and see the photos!

  2. The title really says it all.

    That was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in Ann Arbor so far. I am also ecstatic that everyone has been so responsive and thoughtful. It is so inspiring, really.

    Hats off to everybody, or pants off?

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