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Like the majority of e-portfolios that the minor in writing students are creating, my portfolio will consist of my writing pieces that I have worked hard on and allow the reader to get a better sense of my interests/how I am. I am very passionate in the way media creates depictions of females and minorities and that is something that my writing focuses on alot. This will definitely be highlighted in my portfolio with my remediation and repurposing piece.

Although this blog is mainly for writing samples, I want to simultaneously make it more professional and interesting so I can show it off to a variety of people. I want to include my resume and any other pieces (whether its photography, writing, or media work).

I’m really excited to be able to show off my hard work all in one place and have a main reference point. I think it will be cool to show off my professional side while bringing in a more personal aspect to this portfolio. I think the hardest part will be the challenge of how “professional” and how “personal” I want this portfolio to get. I’m also worried that because I am one of the most technologically challenged person that I wont be able to figure out the cool things or maybe even be limited with my vision for this portfolio.

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  1. Wow, we have a lot of similarities in how we’re using our portfolios! I am also trying to balance professionalism with a fun, personal aspect of my writing. And showcase my interests. And one of those interests happens to be gender stereotypes in the media.

    I think this is one of the really cool things about eportfolios: even though we have similar goals and possibly similar content (from comm studies classes?), I’m sure our portfolios will be very different in the end. On workshop days in class I love looking at all the other portfolios to see how everyone has a completely different take on the same task. And they all look awesome, regardless of technological ability!

    Good luck with your portfolio; I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. HI LIOR! I really hope your portfolio has as cool of a name as this blog post. “Portfolio de Lior.” Oh, so sultry sounding. Maybe that could be its name?

    Anyway, I totally understand how you feel about the balance between personal and professional. It’s definitely hard to write personal essays that you feel like you can show to potential employers. I feel like, for me, it’s gotta be one or the other, professional or personal. Maybe I’m just by nature unprofessional? I don’t know.

    I’m so glad you’re so excited to get started on the portfolio. I think it’s pretty cool too that we get to have a little library for all of our written work. As far as lacking techiness goes, I totally know how you feel. I’m using WordPress, though, and it’s not difficult to navigate at all. You can pick out themes and etc. that are quite fun to look through. Have you already started yours, by the way? Maybe I’m telling you things you already know.

    Also my glasses are SO real, don’t even pretend like they aren’t.

  3. I am experiencing similar struggles to you… I want to show my readers both my personal AND professional side. One suggestion I have is to divide your portolio up by genre. I broke my site up into academic and professional work (different tabs for each), and then am also going to upload more personal pieces (my Why I Write essay and some of my blog posts).

    I also was worried that I wouldn’t be able to figure out cool things, but once I started, I was sort of able to teach myself about my platform. If you play around with it a little bit, I think you will be fine!

    Good luck!

  4. I love that you are interested in media and its portrayals of minorities and women. I haven’t studied the media much myself but I think this will be a good jumping off point for your portfolio!
    I don’t think you have to worry at all about not being tech savvy! I wasn’t experienced at all with web design and I’m using Wix for the first time and it’s so easy. I could do exactly what I wanted, and didn’t feel limited at all by my lack of knowledge about technology. You really just have to play around until you create something that you really like.
    I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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