Portfolio Intro: Academic and Professional

Hi other 220 section! I’m Sarah, nice to meet you – get ready to learn a bit about what I’m planning on doing in my portfolio.

I think the main purpose of my portfolio will be to display what I think to be my best writing that I’ve done over the last few years. Some of it will be pieces from college classes and some will be articles that I’ve written over the past couple years for various online publications (Uloop News, The Borgen Project, HuffPost). The pieces I plan on featuring are those that I have had some choice in terms of topic, because those are the pieces that have best allowed me to explain and discuss topics that are important to me – these will range from discussions of gaming culture, women’s issues (mostly media representation), non-profit charities, and online communities. I’ll definitely add other important pieces as well, but they probably won’t be featured as prominently on the front page.

My academic work will probably either be split up in terms of the topic/classes they were written for or the year in which they were written. My online publication work will probably all be under its own tab along with descriptions of how I came to write for that publication. I’m not sure how I’m going to incorporate my remediation project because it was a website as well, so maybe I’ll just link to it – I’ll figure something out!

I’m honestly most excited to figure out how I’m going to format the portfolio in terms of design and organization – I’m still not entirely sure if I’m going to use WordPress or Wix to create my portfolio because I would like to have greater customization than WordPress allows, but it seems that WordPress would be a more professional choice. Hopefully I can figure that out soon, and if anyone has any ideas about which would be the better choice, let me know!

Sarah Rybak

I'm a junior Comm major with special interests in gender, gaming, and new media in terms of how people interact through it with each other.

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  1. Hi Sarah, nice to meet you too!

    It sounds like you have a great outline for how you want to create your eportfolio, I think it’s an awesome idea to have it be a culmination of you best works. It can almost be a showcase of those you are most proud of and a great way to provide a landing platform for all of the work that you can do in the future too!

    My remediation was also a blog and I did end up linking to it directly from my Wix page since it still followed my eportfolio theme pretty well and you’re right, Wix is much more flexible! There are also tons of templates that you can use and can choose to make it more professional? I’ve had a lot of fun working with it but let me know which one you end up choosing!

  2. Wow, you have a much better sense of organization and structure than I did going in to the portfolio! This will definitely help you as you begin to create the site. I’m probably biased since I’m using Wix and don’t know much about WordPress, but I would definitely suggest trying out Wix. As Beixi said, there are lots of professional looking themes, and you can also change just about anything to give it that professional feel you are looking for. Also, I’m not sure about WordPress, but I know on Wix I was able to embed a webpage directly onto my site. This could be a good way to include the writing you’ve done for the online publications. That way you don’t have to have lots of links to other web pages and it also keeps the formatting in tact.

  3. Hi! I set up two portfolios- both with wix and with weebly. Both are awesome and really easy to use, but I think what sold me on wix was the slideshow feature for the central image- I don’t know why but I just think this is so cool. Based on what you’re doing, weebly would be really easy too though because their widgets feature on the side allows you to drop tabs and sections just by dragging them. That made constructing the whole thing very quick and painless for me, and it sounds like you already have a good map of what you want to do!

  4. Hi Sarah! I’m Sarah, too. It’s really nice to online meet you!

    I have worked with both WordPress and Wix before and I have to say that Wix is really very easy, but that WordPress would definitely give you a more professional and customizable look. I chose Wix for this project simply because it was new to me and seemed to have the more artistic feel I was looking for.

    One other thing you mentioned was organization of tabs and I just wanted to comment and say that personally I feel that organizing things by topic rather than year or class makes it easier to read and follow because then the reader isn’t looking at a mash up of topics on each page.

    However, definitely take it in whatever direction you choose! That’s what’s so great about this project. You can literally do whatever you want and as long as you can justify it, then you’ve done a good job.

    P.S. – I can’t wait to read some of your articles! I think that’s so awesome that you write for some publications.

  5. Hi Sarah, really nice to meet you! From what I can tell, it seems like you have a really good grasp on what you want to include in your portfolio. I think that is great, because it took me a while to figure out which artifacts I wanted to include and which ones I should probably leave out. Since it seems like you are pretty much set on which pieces you aim to include, it gives you all the more time to focus on the theme and layout of your portfolio.

    My idea is somewhat similar in the sense that I am breaking my work up by the year in which each piece was written. I think it is really awesome that you have written for different publications, and I think it adds a different, interesting element to your portfolio that I am sure most others do not have.

    As far as your decision between WordPress and Wix goes, I will offer whatever advice I can. I agree that WordPress does not allow enough customization. I had originally decided to use Weebly as my platform, but, as I explained in my blog, I ultimately decided to go with Wix. I really liked the different templates Wix had to offer, and how they allowed me to customize them. I think if you looked through these templates and played around with a few of them, you would find that you could develop a very professional-looking portfolio using Wix.

    I am looking forward to seeing how your portfolio turns out.

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